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Overlay Protocol TUNA Campaign

Overlay Protocol TUNA Campaign

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Overlay's testnet airdrop campaign will continue until the mainnet launch, and there's still enough time for you to participate. Below, the project is outlining how you can join this substantial airdrop opportunity. 1.5% of the total supply is reserved for this testnet campaign, offering a refreshing departure from traditional airdrop methods that often entail significant gas fees for uncertain outcomes. It's on testnet, so it's completely free to participate! Specifics of this airdrop will be disclosed post TGE.

About TUNA

TUNA, short for "The Ultimate New Airdrop," is an initiative by Overlay designed to reward testnet activity. The primary objective is to ensure genuine user engagement. Attempting to exploit the system with bot-like activity will lead to disqualification.

How to participate

The first step is to claim your test token, OVL. You can do this by accessing the # claim-ovl channel on the Overlay Discord server. Additionally, there's a banner faucet available on Overlay app, although it won't be available indefinitely. Stay tuned for alternative methods to claim test tokens if you've lost your OVL balance. Once you've acquired your tokens (on Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet), you can begin trading on the app. Treat your OVL as if it were a genuine token, endeavoring to maximize profits regularly. Points are distributed every Thursday based on user activity, and you can track your progress on the Leaderboard within the app. The criteria for earning points are intentionally undisclosed to deter exploitation. It's imperative to engage genuinely; Overlay will be vigilant against bots and bot-like behavior.

Links and Resources

Here are some essential links for your convenience:

  1. Overlay App
  2. Overlay Discord 
  3. OVL Test Token Contract
  4. To add Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet to Metamask
  5. For additional ETH on Arbitrum Sepolia




Overlay Protocol Testnet has announced its Testing Airdrop Campaign.

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from 11 Mar 2024 18:16(UTC+3)



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