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Origyn Foundation Community Program

Origyn Foundation Community Program

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ORIGYN creates powerful digital certificates that prove authenticity, provenance and ownership of valuable assets. Every digital certificate is stored fully on the IC blockchain, resulting in secure, transparent and incorruptible certificate. These certificates are also robust and customizable, housing data, images, documents, multimedia, marketplaces and even entire applications.

The mission of ORIGYN Foundation is to build trust in what’s most valuable. In order to fulfill this mission, ORIGYN develops tools and solutions on an open, decentralized Web3 platform — known as the ORIGYN Protocol — which is designed to protect valuable assets, including both luxury and manufactured goods, precious metals, artwork, IP and natively digital assets.

About the program

Social engagement

Free for all

Reward: Up to 10,000 OGY

You are already a little influencer. You have a minimum working impact when you tweet about something and your account is not “pumped by bots”. You have to retweet everything from the project, make original tweets and like the content. You comment everywhere (CMC, Twitter,...) about the project and fight against negative sentiment. Even in the official TG people know your name and you help other people to spread the word about Origyn. Each week your actions obviously allow new people to join Origyn. It’s not about “spam good morning messages”, it’s about how you help people, how you spread positivity and good feeling.

Origyn wants you to engage in all famous and effective places. Talk about the project, be positive.

You need to talk about the project, share knowledge, comment. It’s not about spam and “to the moon x100 next month”. 

Vidéo influencer

Assigned by core team

Reward: Up to 15,000 OGY

Core team will contact you in PM to do this task, don’t do it by yourself. 

Make an Origyn video promotion. You have to reach a minimum influencer level (+- 1000 followers but you can do it if you have less, as far as there is a real impact). Quality is mandatory. Impact is mandatory (it’s related to your audience).

Best in Show

Selected by core team

Reward: Up to 25,000 to share.

Origyn selects till 20 people: Outstanding motivation during the entire month.


Assigned by core team

Reward: Up to 10,000 OGY

As you know, the community program is now public. Each day the project has new applicants. You will have to interview them and check if they are valuable for the project.

Rules: If you reach this level it’s because the team already trusts you. This is one of the most important tasks because you decide who can join or not. You need to fill the tools and be extremely serious about all information.


Assigned by core team

Reward: Up to 10,000 OGY

At the end of the month Origyn has to check the tasks ambassadors did. You will have to review in detail if everything is ok. After that, the admin will send the final TX to the financial team.

Core Team support / Moderation

Assigned by core team

Reward: up to 30,000 OGY

You help the core team to reach goals and you do Moderation of Origyn official Telegram.



This program is a win a win, your contents and your activities need to be useful for the Core Team. It's not about the time you put in your tasks, it's about quality/impact.

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Community leaders


from 1 Mar 2024 04:24(UTC+3)



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