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Origin Huobi Listing Campaign

Origin Huobi Listing Campaign

    Huobi, one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges that ranks at the top of the CoinMarketCap volume and liquidity charts, has selected Origin Tokens (OGN) to be its first official new coin listing in 2020. Huobi has not listed any new cryptocurrencies since November of 2019.

    Reward pool
    ~ $300,000
    Expected profit
    $1 - 3000
    Max participants
    DropsEarn score

  • Activity Type: Trading Buy&Hold
  • Date: 18 Jun 2020 19:00(UTC+3) - 31 Aug 2020 19:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Closed
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Links: Official Announcement Origin Announcement Huobi Website
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How To Participate

  1. Register on the Origin Huobi campaign page to be eligible for earning your share of the 500,000 OGN and $100,000 USDT rewards pool.
  2. Take part in the following events:

OGN Net Increase Competition

Activity time period: June 18, 12PM to June 29, 11:59PM GMT +8 
Rewards to be calculated every 3 days

Competition rounds

  • The competition will begin on June 18, 12PM and will last until June 29, 11:59PM GMT +8 (12 days)
  • There will be 4 rounds, with each round lasting 3 days. Rewards will be paid out to the winners of each round. All times listed in Bejing time (GMT +8).
    • Round 1 will commence from June 18 to June 20
    • Round 2 will commence from June 21 to June 23
    • Round 3 will commence from June 24 to June 26
    • Round 4 will commence from June 27 to June 29

Competition rules

  • Traders will be ranked according to their OGN Net Increase Amount during each round.
  • OGN Net Increase Amount = OGN held at the end of the round - OGN held at the beginning of the round
  • Here is an example calculation for OGN Net Increase Amount:
    • A trader starts the round with 2,000 OGN
    • They then buy 15,000 OGN, sell 3,000 OGN, and withdraw 1,000 OGN
    • They end the round with 13,000 OGN (2,000 + 15,000 - 3,000 - 1,000 OGN)
    • Their OGN Net Increase is 11,000 OGN.

Competition payouts

  • $25k USDT will be awarded in each 3-day round, for a total of $100k USDT.
  • For each 3-day reward period, traders will be ranked by their overall OGN Net Increase Amount:
    1. 1st place: $3k USDT
    2. 2nd place: $2.5k USDT
    3. 3rd place: $2k USDT
    4. 4th place: $1.5k USDT
    5. 5th place: $1k USDT
    6. 6th to 30th places: Split $7.5k USDT evenly
    7. 31st to 60th places: Split $5k USDT evenly
    8. 61st to 100th places: Split $2.5k USDT evenly
  • Traders can win in multiple rewards periods, but the OGN Net Increase Amount is calculated using the snapshot at the end of the last period:
    • For example, if a trader is holding 10,000 OGN at the end of round 1, that is the starting point for the second round. If they increase their OGN holdings to 30,000 OGN by the end of day 6, their OGN Net Increase Amount for the round is 20,000.

Origin Holder Airdrop

Activity time period: July 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020 11:59PM GMT +8

  • The OGN Holder Airdrop will reward Huobi traders that HODL OGN over a two-month period. 500k of OGN will be rewarded to OGN Holder participants.

Airdrop rounds

  • The OGN Holder Airdrop campaign will begin after the OGN Net Asset Increase competition ends. There will be two month-long rounds.
    • Round 1 will commence from July 1, 2020 to July 31, 2020 11:59PM GMT +8
    • Round 2 will commence from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020 11:59PM GMT +8

Airdrop rules

  • For each round, 250k OGN will be rewarded to OGN holders to OGN holders based on the amount of OGN they are holding relative to all other OGN holders:
    • OGN rewarded = OGN Holder score x (The average OGN holdings that the user holds during the month / The total amount of OGN all users hold)
    • Users who hold on average 1000 HT or more in each monthly airdrop period will double the value for their average OGN holdings for the month for the rewards calculation
    • Users who have held on average at least 1000 HT for 90 days prior to each airdrop distribution will triple the value for their average OGN holdings for the month for the rewards calculation
  • In addition, users must meet the following eligibility requirements:
    • The user must hold at least 1000 OGN daily during the month
    • The user must register their email address with Origin and join the Origin Wechat group.