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Orderly Network Community Incentive Program

Orderly Network Community Incentive Program

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Following the momentous inauguration of the omnichain initiative — the Orderly Omnichain, Orderly has not only simplified DEX and dApps development but also fortified our presence as a vanguard in the DeFi realm. Your unwavering support, enthusiasm, and commitment fuel Orderly drive. Every comment, share, and interaction echoes our collective passion for revolutionizing the DeFi space.

 A playground for every Orderly enthusiast, from newcomers to the esteemed Contributors and Ambassadors, to dive deeper, engage more, and get rewarded in a gamified experience.

Elevate Your Orderly Journey

The Community Incentive Program isn’t just another campaign. It’s the heartbeat of Orderly’s ongoing mission to value and recognize every ounce of effort, dedication, and loyalty shown by the community.

  • What’s on Offer? A gamified design where you can earn points, known as XPs.
  • Where’s the Fun? On Orderly’s Zealy page, an arena filled with quests, challenges, and rewards.
  • Who’s it For? EVERYONE: Whether you’re a regular member, a seasoned Contributor, or a revered Ambassador, there’s something for you.
  • What’s the Prize? Not just bragging rights, but tangible rewards. Every XP you collect is a testament to your commitment to Orderly. Shine on the leaderboard, and open doors to a world of perks with Orderly.

Dive into the Nitty-Gritty: Key Features of the Community Incentive Program

  • Rewards: Earn XPs for every task you undertake, making every act of dedication and commitment to Orderly Network tangible.
  • Duration: The program springs into action from 25th October 2023. 
  • Roles and Opportunities: Whether you’re a regular member, a recognized Contributor, or a prized Ambassador, there’s something for everyone.
  • Stay Safe with Us: With specific quests focused on security, we ensure that while you engage, you’re also well-equipped to protect yourself in the digital space.
  • Leaderboard & Recognition: Display your dedication to all. Climb up the leaderboard with accrued XPs and get ready for future perks and rewards from Orderly Network.

Sparking Connection and Commitment: The Highlights

Orderly has always believed in pushing the boundaries, not just in DeFi but also in the way Orderly engages with its ever-expanding community. The Community Incentive Program is the latest foray, crafted with the primary aim to:

  • Boost the ongoing interactions of the community members.
  • Ensure that every act of dedication and commitment to Orderly does not go unnoticed.
  • Incorporate a gamified experience that rewards activity and interaction in real-time.

Orderly wants to create a harmonious circle(🟣, 🟣)where everyone, from the newest member to our esteemed contributors and ambassadors, feels valued and inspired to contribute to Orderly’s continued growth.

Do you want to become an Orderly Contributor? Use this link to level up to the Contributor status: Become an Orderly Contributor

Ready to Jump In?

Participate in a myriad of quests spread across five main categories. From getting started with basic tasks to exclusive monthly quests for the esteemed Contributors and Ambassadors. Each quest is meticulously designed to offer an engaging, rewarding, and most importantly, fun experience!

Ready to embark? Begin your journey here on Orderly’s Zealy page.

The Future Awaits: Orderly’s Invitation to You

Orderly isn’t just the ultimate trading Lego and a shared liquidity infrastructure; it’s a movement. A movement fueled by community, collaboration, innovation, passion, and commitment. 




Orderly Network has announced The Orderly Community Incentive Program.

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