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Orakuru Testnet

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Reward pool

~ $500,000

200,000 ORK

Expected profit


equal in ORK

Max participants



DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks



Ultimately, our motivation here is to create the best testnet event possible, in order to maximise the quality and quantity of Node validators in our network.


Key Parameters:

  • Length of event - 2 weeks ( Potentially split into 2 stages)
  • Event signup date - 1st of May
  • Event start date - Middle of May
  • Amount of participants - 250 Node Validators
  • Total reward pool for all prizes - 200,000 $ORK

Key Specifications:

  1. Easiest possible setup via Docker
  2. Step by step documentation in English and Russian, along with a video guide
  3. Clear prizes for a) Bug bounties b) Tooling c) Special projects d) High scores
  4. No KYC
  5. Dedicated Discord channels
  6. Snapshot of all existing node validators who contribute to this discussion, between now and the start of the testnet event. Special early adopter prizes.

The entire product will be built into app.orakuru.io 114, for an easy to use experience. All of the documentation will go onto a Gitbook.

They will need the communities help with:

  1. Translation and documentation
  2. Helping those around you get set up (Although it should be easy)
  3. Deciding on where we should allocate the prize money and how
  4. Proposing and building projects
  5. Delivering critical feedback for our mainnet launch
  6. A name for the event
  7. Anything else you can think of, or wish to contribute


  • Easy to enter, no KYC
  • Large prize pool, lots of opportunity
  • Focus on clear instructions
  • Proportionately rewards those that do best
  • Simple, clean, easy to execute


  • No KYC, there may be some fraud/dupes
  • If we don’t get enough participants, the prize pool per person could be huge
  • Creating too many different types of rewards may create confusion
  • A bit too simple, perhaps. We could add more stages and factors.


The next big milestone for Orakuru will be testnet event. This proposal aims to cover key parameters of event, functions and features of event, assets and talent needed from the community. At the end of the event, team aims to be fully prepared for mainnet. That means discovering bugs, working out the reputation architecture, staking requirements, and so on.

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15 May 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 31 May 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



Event Status

You can't participate (Event ended)