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OpenLeverage Global Ambassador Program

OpenLeverage Global Ambassador Program

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The mission is to increase economic freedom in the world and to help achieve that mission, OpenLeverage wants to onboard a large and diverse group of people working towards this common goal.

Why become an OpenLeverage Ambassador?

Community ambassadors research areas like DeFi, NFTs, wallets, scalability solutions, and other exciting topics. These innovations not only drive the OpenLeverage team’s understanding of Web 3.0 trends but also let reimagine DeFi 2.0 on different public chains to better serve our users. Following the program, ambassadors reported they have improved crypto research and creative skills, were more motivated to work on crypto-related projects, and easily found opportunities in the crypto community.

The ambassador program will be an important stepping stone to the decentralization of OpenLeverage. Ambassadors will be involved in branding, community building, business collaborations, and content creation while bringing meaningful changes to the protocol and ecosystem.

Ambassadors will enjoy the following benefits at OpenLeverage:

OpenLeverage will reserve 50,000 OLE for the Ambassador Program bonus pool each quarter, and funds will be disbursed on a monthly basis. Ambassadors will also have the option to adjust their workgroups during each quarter.

  • Exclusive ambassador salary — 100% receive OLE rewards paid monthly;
  • Be part of the OpenLeverage operations team and make a difference in the OpenLeverage ecosystem;
  • Gain extraordinary project experience;
  • Enjoy additional invitation bonuses;
  • Official support for the ambassador growth program to enhance the personal visibility of the ambassador;
  • Opportunity to participate in the bounty program and receive great prizes.

Please note that funding is issued on a monthly basis. As the ambassador program slowly decentralizes, OpenLeverage will also introduce a way to let each working group decide on the reward process.

What does OpenLeverage  need?

OpenLeverage Ambassadors are divided into three categories. Depending on skills and preferences, ambassadors will be assigned to an OpenLeverage team to support its goals and functions. Ambassadors should be self-motivated and committed to producing measurable results as they explore the world of cryptocurrency. Responsibilities may include the following:

  • Community Governance Ambassador: At the grassroots level, ambassadors will be responsible for local community building, community management, handling community emergencies, user growth, branding, community feedback, etc.
  • Content Creator Ambassadors: content creator ambassadors are individuals that can come up with ideas, develop, and produce their own original content for copywriting, videos, posters, animations, audio, etc.
  • Event Outreach Ambassador: Assist with OpenLeverage’s outreach mission to make a direct impact on the local and global community. Event Outreach Ambassadors will help create, connect, coordinate, and promote online and offline events to spread more awareness about OpenLeverage.

About the Bounty Program.

Fifty percent of the Global Ambassador Program prize pool supply will be allocated to a range of different bounty tasks for Content Creation Ambassadors and Event Promotion Ambassadors.

How can you participate?

If you are interested in becoming an OpenLeverage Ambassador, please complete the application form.




OpenLeverage has announced the second ambassador recruitment program this summer. This program recognizes the outstanding contributions of the passionate community members and gives the opportunity to participate in the bounty program and receive OLE prizes.

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Social networks



Community leaders


27 Jun 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 6 Aug 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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every month

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