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OKEX Get USDT by completing Tasks

OKEX Get USDT by completing Tasks

    OKEX exchange launches an additional promotion event. Only users participating in team competitions can participate in this campaign. The event consists of two parts. To participate in the first, you need to place an advertising banner in social networks. In the second, make at least seven futures / perpetual transactions or seven option transactions and answer questions. For each action, the reward is added up. Complete the following tasks and get rewarded! (Only the first 2000 users can apply for tasks and receive rewards for completing tasks. FCFS!)

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  • Activity Type: Airdrop Event Trading Tasks
  • Date: until 6 Apr 2020 13:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Closed
  • Event status: You can't participate (Event ended)
  • Links: Official Announcemenet
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Tasks Rules:

1. Simple tasks:
During the campaign, participants can get 5 USDT rewards if they complete 3 trades in any one of the three derivative products, including futures, swap, and options (note: 3 trades on same product) and also share the campaign poster on Facebook or Twitter. Click here to get campaign poster.

2. Advanced tasks:
Task A:  During the campaign, the participants have no less than 7 futures/ perpetual (any of them) trades and post the screenshot of revenue rate or holdings on Twitter or Facebook profiles can be rewarded with 10 USDT.

Task B:  During the campaign, the participants have no less than 7 option trades and answer 2 quizzes with the right answers after learning 2 chapters of option tutorial can be rewarded with 10 USDT.
1. Click here to get the option tutorial and the entry for quizzes
2. Click here to get another option tutorial and the entry for quizzes

Social media posts rules
1. Tag OKEx official account in your posts:
Twitter:@OKEx and @OKEx_Zoe 
Facebook:@okexofficial and @OKExCommunity
2. No less than 5 likes of the posts.

Referral reward: Users can participate in referral campaign and task campaign at the same time. The users have successfully invited a friend to sign up will be rewarded with 10 USDT. Click to check the referral rules

Additional Information:

  • Reward obtain: The user is required to pass KYC2 verification, participate in team competition, and the total balance of futures, perpetual, and option account is greater than 100 USDT or other tokens with equivalent value.
  • How to get my reward: Join in our community by clicking the links on the footer of the page and our staff will help with registration. After registration, the reward will be distributed to your corresponding account within 3-5 days.
  • Reward distribution: Rewards will be distributed regularly during the campaign. The last distribution will be done 7 days after the end of the campaign. Users who complete the tasks can join the community at any time to register for reward obtain, so as to get the reward sooner.
  • How to get my reward for advanced tasks:The reward can be gotten after done the simple tasks.
  • Users can participate in the campaigns with the master account only.