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O2DEX Global Ambassador Program

O2DEX Global Ambassador Program

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O2DEX ambassador identity is not only an acknowledgment, more importantly, is for rewarding the active and engaged community members who want to support and promote O2DEX. Through the ambassadorship, O2DEX believes the community members will come out with valuable skills in the cryptoverse.

Benefits of being an Ambassador of O2DEX

  • Exclusive Ambassador Key — 100% to get O2 rewards
  • Exclusive Ambassador Group — Communicating with the core team directly
  • Public announcements and promotions posted by O2DEX Official
  • Exclusive invitations to product testing and events
  • Early news and information about O2DEX and the Crypto industry
  • Rights to propose on O2DEX’s Roadmap
  • Qualifications of co-hosting community calls and various events
  • More privileges to be designed by the Ambassador group…

O2DEX Ambassador Structure

O2DEX Ambassadors are simply divided into four categories. Each category of ambassadors is divided into four levels: Degen, One-Star Ambassador, Two-Star Ambassador, Three-Star Ambassador.

  1. Community Ambassador
  2. Design Ambassador
  3. Content Ambassador
  4. Lingual Ambassador.

*Higher level ambassadors are eligible to get a higher probability of rewards and privileges.

Qualities of being a good Ambassador?

  • Has a strong interest in DeFi and is eager to learn more about DeFi
  • Enjoy interacting with community members and keep being active on social media platforms
  • Participate in O2DEX’s community calls, AMAs, or other activities on a regular basis
  • Has extensive DeFi knowledge
  • Industrial specialists or Community Influencers
  • Familiar with DeFi community and BSC ecosystem
  • Can produce high-quality content and memes
  • Experience in using Uniswap V3/Curve/YFI/OlympusDAO/Frax, etc.
  • Experience in involving projects on BSC

How to apply?

  1. Community Ambassador Application Form
  2. Design Ambassador Application Form
  3. Content Ambassador Application Form
  4. Lingual Ambassador Application Form




O2DEX is launching the Global Ambassador Program that recognizes its enthusiastic community members for their contributions with O2 token rewards.

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Social networks





Community leaders



15 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 15 Jul 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



Event Status

You can participate (Event started, Registration open)