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Nillion Genezis Sprint Incentivized Testnet

Nillion Genezis Sprint Incentivized Testnet

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Nillion is a decentralized public network designed to unlock significant new utilities in Web3 through decentralized credit scoring, decentralized trusted execution environments, private NFTs, and decentralized secure storage services. The project has raised $20 million in funding, led by Distributed Global, and is now open for participation in its incentivized testnet.

Step-by-Step Guide to Participating in Nillion’s Testnet

1. Project Introduction

Nillion aims to enhance Web3 by enabling decentralized applications that were previously impossible. With substantial backing and several years of development, Nillion is poised to offer a robust platform for decentralized services.

2. Creating a Keplr Wallet

To participate, you will need to create a Keplr wallet. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Keplr Chrome Webstore page and add the Keplr wallet extension to your browser.
  • Select “Create a new wallet” and follow the prompts to complete the wallet setup.

3. Adding the Nillion Testnet

Next, you need to add the Nillion testnet to your Keplr wallet:

  • Visit the Keplr Chains website.
  • Search for “Nillion” and click “Add to Keplr.”
  • Confirm the addition within your wallet.

4. Getting Your Nillion Address

To obtain your Nillion address:

  • Open your Keplr wallet and click the three horizontal lines at the top left corner.
  • Click “Manage Chain Visibility,” which will redirect you to a new page.
  • Search for “Nillion,” check the box next to it, and click save.
  • After saving, find “NIL” in your wallet and copy the address.

5. Claiming Test Tokens

To receive test tokens:

  • Visit the Nillion Faucet.
  • Enter your Nillion address and claim your tokens.

6. Sending a Transaction

To verify your setup, send a transaction:

  • Find a secondary account and transfer a small amount of NIL tokens between accounts.

7. Staking (Not Yet Available)

Currently, staking is not available, so you can skip this step for now.

8. Completing Zealy Tasks

Before completing Zealy tasks, you need to link your Cosmos address:

  • Click on your account in the bottom left corner of the Zealy interface.
  • Select “Account Settings” and enter your Cosmos address in the “Linked Addresses” section.
  • After linking your address, proceed to complete other tasks on Zealy.


Joining the Nillion incentivized testnet is a straightforward process that offers a great opportunity to earn rewards in the evolving Web3 space. By following this guide, you can easily set up your Keplr wallet, add the Nillion testnet, claim test tokens, and complete various tasks to maximize your potential airdrop. Don’t miss out on this chance to participate in a promising decentralized project. For more information, visit the provided links and get started today.



Nillion, a decentralized public network, has recently raised $20 million and launched an incentivized testnet. This project, which has been in development for several years, is offering a clear opportunity for airdrop enthusiasts to participate with zero cost. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to join the Nillion testnet and earn potential rewards.

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