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Nibiru Chain Gamified Engagement Campaign

Nibiru Chain Gamified Engagement Campaign

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As Nibiru gear’s up for an exciting year ahead, Nibiru is not just celebrating completed milestones but also eagerly anticipating new developments on the horizon. As a thank you to early supporters, Nibiru is rolling out an exclusive opportunity – a chance to earn and claim rewards.

Nibiru has allocated a portion of the initial circulating supply specifically for the Gamified Engagement Airdrop, which was previously referred to as Retroactive Reward 2.

Nibiru Chain (NIBI) circulating token supply distribution

Your Guide to Getting Involved

On the airdrop landing page, you will be directed to Nibiru’s registration page where you will connect your X account to proceed.

Once you have connected your X account, you will be redirected to the Rewards Campaign Progress page. There you will be prompted to connect your wallet. Note, Leap (opens new window) is the preferred wallet for Nibiru Chain.

After successfully linking your X account and Nibiru Address, you are all set to earn Nibi Points.

How to set up a Nibiru compatible wallet

Follow one of the wallet tutorials (opens new window) to create an account.

The Insider’s Blueprint to Earning Nibi Points

Nibi Points only apply to interactions during the Gamified Engagement Airdrop and not before or after. Please refer to the Rewards Campaign Progress page for tweets eligible for interaction.

Here are the various ways you can qualify to earn Nibi Points:

  • Like and retweet the tweets posted by @NibiruChain.
  • Quote tweet and like the tweets posted by @NibiruChain.
  • Post a tweet from your X account mentioning @NibiruChain and NIBI. Posting just NIBI will not qualify for points. This daily interaction allows you to earn points every day! Points are only attributed to the day that you post.

Bonus Tasks Exclusive Through Gleam

Once you have connected your X account and associated it with a Nibi-compatible wallet, you are eligible to earn additional Nibi Points by completing specific tasks through Gleam. A quick note before you jump in, to qualify it’s critical that both your X and Nibi Address matches in Gleam.

Points earned from tasks in Gleam will not be reflected in the Rewards Progress Page; they'll be calculated separately after the campaign.

Available tasks:

  • Join the Nibiru Chain Discord
  • Connect with Nibiru on Telegram
  • Sign Up for the Nibiru Chain Newsletter
  • Subscribe to the Nibiru Chain YouTube Channel
  • Follow Nibiru Chain on Instagram

NIBI in a Nutshell

NIBI is engineered to foster long-term stability and active community engagement. A significant portion of NIBI is allocated to the community, including stakers, builders, liquidity providers, and ecosystem grants. For more details on NIBI, see this page (opens new window).

The Fine Print - Are There Restrictions?

  1. An X account must have at least 50 followers.
  2. Engaging in malicious, botting, or Sybil activity will result in disqualification of points and the invalidation of Nibi Point redemption.
  3. Heed our warning, geographical restrictions apply! If you are based in the United States or other prohibited and sanctioned countries, participation is not allowed. If you acquire points, you will not be able to pass the KYC process and won’t be able to redeem them for future qualifications. Restricted countries in addition to the United States include Canada, the UK, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.
  4. Have fun and don’t forget to spread the word with your friends





Nibiru is rolling out a new opportunity – a chance to earn and claim rewards.

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7 Feb 2024 03:15(UTC+3) - 29 Feb 2024 03:00(UTC+3)



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