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Nibiru Blossom Ambassador Program

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Nibiru Chain has launched several community initiatives, most notably the initial group of ambassadors who were pivotal during Nibiru’s testnet phases. This group consisted of highly active community members, including testnet participants, key contributors, content creators, and more.

The team is thrilled to announce the expansion of the ambassador program with Blossom, a new initiative for community champions. Blossom provides Nibiruns the opportunity to advance and join through organic contributions. The program aims to attract consistent, high-quality contributions and regularly refreshes its members by replacing inactive users with new, active participants. Eligibility will be determined by two main factors: Contribution and Participation.


  1. Exclusive Access: Ambassadors will have direct access to the Nibiru core team. They will also gain insights into the latest features and future developments in the Nibiru ecosystem.
  2. Early Adoption and Incentives: Have the privilege of being among the first to explore and test new Nibiru releases, projects building on Nibiru, and gain early access to incentive-based programs.
  3. Community Integration: Ambassadors will have access to exclusive ambassador channels, and will be able to showcase their contributions, network with other ambassadors, and participate in ambassador-exclusive events hosted by Nibiru.
  4. Recognition: Each quarter, the Nibiru team will evaluate and showcase top contributors!
  5. Exclusive Events: Gain access to private Nibiru and ecosystem events, both virtual and in-person.


  1. Advocacy: Serve as a community representative for Nibiru, taking on various roles such as moderating Nibiru's Telegram, Twitter/X, or Discord. Participate in panels, round tables, and AMAs to enhance Nibiru's presence and impact in the broader community. Actively moderate key discussions and interactions relating to Nibiru within the community, fostering a positive and constructive environment for all participants.
  2. Content Creation: Generate high-value content that highlights the unique features and benefits of Nibiru's technology, effectively communicating its value proposition to a wide audience. This includes pieces like blogs, Twitter/X threads, infographics, memes and more.
  3. Primary Liaison: As a top ambassador, you may serve as a point of contact for community inquiries, feedback, and discussions related to Nibiru, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration between the community and the core team.
  4. Event Coordination: Organize and host local Nibiru events or meetups, bringing together enthusiasts and community building. Nibiru ambassadors will have the opportunity to sponsor local events upon approval by the core team. To apply, you must be a Nibiru Ambassador.(opens new window)
  5. Channel Exploration: Identify and evaluate new channels and opportunities to expand Nibiru's exposure and reach. Ambassadors will strategically position Nibiru in locations that enhance its visibility and engagement within these regions.
  6. Workshops and Meetups: Host and attend workshops and meetups in local communities to promote Nibiru and foster community engagement.

Nibirun Role System

There will be 5 roles in the Nibirun Role System:

  1. Vibing Nibirun

As a Vibing Nibirun, you may be new to the community, but your contributions are noticed. Earn this role through active participation, contributing to discussions, and sharing unique insights.

  1. Awakened Nibirun

The Awakened role signifies deeper understanding and involvement in the Nibiru community. You guide others, create content, and share valuable feedback. Your contributions are recognized.

  1. Anunnaki

As an Anunnaki, you’ve proven yourself a key player in the Nibiru community. Your influence is evident through high-quality content, active community management, and consistent engagement. Annunaki’s unlock the "Vibing hard" role and gain access to gated Discord channels.

  1. Ascended Anunnaki

The Ascended Anunnaki role is designated for individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and dedication. Those in this role will be eligible to receive grants to host in-person or virtual events on behalf of Nibiru, within a pre-set budget, moderate discussions, and act as a primary contact for both the community and core team. Your contributions will significantly influence the Nibiru experience for newcomers.

  1. Nibirun Legend

The Legend status represents the peak of the Nibiru Ranking System. It is awarded to the top 1% of the community who’ve made significant contributions. Legends are role models, motivating others with their exceptional expertise.

What is XP?

Nibiruns can earn XP through participation and contributions within the community. This can be achieved organically by engaging in meaningful conversations, creating and sharing content, or helping other members navigate the community.

The Nibiru community team and moderators will also identify members who consistently contribute to the community and allocate XP based on the following criteria:

  1. Conversations: Organic Discord contributions are attractive. Conversations will automatically accrue XP.

  2. Content Creation: Share your creativity and earn XP. Community moderators will validate for the following actions:

    • Translating content (blogs, social posts, etc.)
    • Memes, GIFs
    • Videos, Articles, Twitter/X Threads
    • Stickers/Emoji creation for the server
    • Infographics
  3. Guidance & Education: Newcomers need support, so help them feel at home. For tenured Nibiruns, earn XP by guiding and educating new members. Community moderators will validate these actions.

    • Directing users to correct channels
    • Explain to users what Nibiru is, including basic concepts
    • Explain to users the technical concepts of Nibiru
    • Act of kindness and good behavior
  4. Vigilance: Help in reporting scams, flagging suspicious content, and warning other users to avoid interacting with fraudulent content. Community moderators validate the following actions:

    • Reporting/Flagging Scams
    • Warning users not to interact with scams
  5. Participation: Attending AMAs, hosting events in person, participating in Twitter/X Spaces, etc.

Disclaimers: Inorganic Discord conversations will not be counted. AI-generated content must be created tastefully. Multiple instances of AI-generated content will not be counted.

Offline Ambassadors

Blossom also values offline engagements for those who may not use Discord frequently. Nibiruns that might have a large social following or those who excel in organizing and participating in local events, meetups, and workshops can also become ambassadors. Nibiruns with strong influence across various communities, such as Telegram, Instagram, or other social platforms, are eligible. These offline ambassadors will enjoy the same status and benefits as their online counterparts.

Ideal candidates may include:

  1. Individuals with at least 3,000 followers on social media platforms such as Twitter, Farcaster, Instagram, etc.
  2. Members of a blockchain club or university students with a passion for blockchain technology.
  3. Individuals with connections to various ecosystem projects, who can foster potential partnerships, collaborations, or relevant introductions to the Nibiru ecosystem.
  4. Influencers: Individuals with a strong presence on major social media platforms.

If you believe you’d be a good candidate for offline engagements, please submit an application (opens new window). The Nibiru team will review your application to determine if you’d be a good fit.




Nibiru announced the expansion of the ambassador program with Blossom, a new initiative for community champions.

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