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NEAR Stake Wars: Episode III

NEAR Stake Wars: Episode III

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By introducing this new type of validator, NEAR can increase the total number of validator seats. Stake Wars is helping Chunk-Only Producers to prepare for this moment. It’s an opportunity to gain confidence and learn how to work with contract-based delegation.

Chunk-Only Producers help decentralize and secure NEAR

The NEAR Network is currently secured by 100 validators. NEAR’s roadmap will allow the protocol to become fully-sharded. This will help reach the ambitious goal to decentralize NEAR while keeping the network secure. Chunk-Only Producers are an important milestone along this path.

Chunk-Only Producers are solely responsible for producing chunks in a single shard (a network partition). A chunk, of course, is a shard block (see Nightshade for more detail). What’s cool for Chunk-Only Producers is that they can run their validator node on a less demanding machine, such as a 4-Core CPU, with 8GB of RAM and 200GB SSD of storage.

Once the Chunk-Only Producer is available on NEAR mainnet at the end of Q3, NEAR plans to onboard an additional 200–300 validators. This, combined with a lower barrier to entry (minimum stake) for validators, is a win for the NEAR network as it moves toward a more scalable future. By increasing the total number of validators, NEAR will become more decentralized and more secure.

How Stake Wars III works

Chunk-Only Producers can deploy the open-source Staking Pool smart contract from Github, to test their systems and gain confidence with contract-based delegation. Validators are also free to customize their delegation contract, build their web applications, and integrate the Staking Pool into their existing systems.

Stake Wars is community-operated, and community members such as Metapool, Everstake, LiNEAR and Open Shards Alliance (OSA) will offer their support to the program. NEAR plans to use more than 4M NEAR tokens as delegation rewards for the participants who complete the challenges. These rewards help put participants in a position to become a mainnet validators by Q4 of 2022.

The Stake Wars: Episode III incentivized testnet for Chunk-Only Producers will launch on July 13th and run until early September. Any potential validators should join the Stake Wars community on Telegram and Discord to coordinate with other Validators, and follow @PagodaPlatform on twitter.

Stake Wars is designed to present several challenges to will help the team ensure the reliability of the operators and infrastructure: 

  • Exposure of nodes to retail NEAR.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure, hardware or cloud
  • Deliver good node performance.
  • Expose new regions, especially Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.
  • Community reach out to NEAR delegators.

This is just some of the work needed in order to secure your slot in the NEAR network.




Stake Wars is back to help decentralize the NEAR network and help the community with cool new challenges and rewards to members who want to become validators. In Stake Wars: Episode III, NEAR is focusing on Chunk-Only Producers — NEAR’s next step toward a fully-sharded protocol. By introducing this new type of validator, NEAR plans to increase the total number of validator seats by an additional 200-300 to help decentralize the network further.

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