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800,000 MOON

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How to become MoonSwap Global Promotion Ambassador?

Any community member can apply to become MoonSwap Global Promotion Ambassador, you need to provide the following information:

  • Your name/ID;
  • Your market experience;
  • The country you are in;
  • A short self-introduction to explain why you are qualified for the job.

Please post the above application information on the MoonSwap forum or send it privately to Discord Harvie#8827.

How does MoonSwap Global Promotion Ambassador get funding from MoonSwap Global Market Fund?

In order to use MoonSwap Global Market Fund more openly and transparently, they will be issued according to the following process:

  1. The MoonSwap Global Promotion Ambassador submits a proposal to the Community Committee. The proposal needs to include the marketing plan, goals, start-up budget and a roadmap;
  2. The community committee reviews the proposal. After the review is passed, the proposal will be announced to the community. If the applied budget is less than a certain amount, the community committee can directly decide; when the applied budget exceeds a certain amount, a community vote will be initiated.
  3. After the proposal is passed, the ambassador gets the start-up budget.
  4. The ambassador needs to implement the promotion plan according to the roadmap. When the goals on the roadmap are completed, the market incentives will also be released in stages.

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As a community project, team always believe that the community is the most important force driving MoonSwap forward. In order to better encourage community members to participate in the MoonSwap project, MoonSwap Global Market Fund was formally established and recruited global promotion ambassadors.

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