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Following the successful launch of Mint's public testnet in February, paving the way for the mainnet release scheduled in Q2 2024. Mint Blockchain has introduced “Mint Forest”, a cutting-edge web3 on-chain social product with a "green and environmentally friendly" theme developed by Mint Blockchain. And the first phase of Mint Forest, as part of a green incentive campaign to welcome the MINT airdrop called: "Mint Your Tree".

This is a chance to join a NFT+Social experiment and unlock various of benefits. Mint, the L2 blockchain for the NFT industry, is changing the game, and you can be at the forefront from the very start.

Grow with Mint Forest, Harvest MINT Rewards

Mint Forest, offers an opportunity for the Mint Blockchain community to plant and nurture their own unique MintTree, redeemable for MINT in the future. Each eligible user receives a MintTree seed and accumulates Mint Energy (ME) by daily collecting and completing tasks. Users nurture their tree's growth by injecting ME into their MintTree, ultimately redeeming it for MINT rewards.

Mint Forest Official Portal

Eligibility & Growth Rules for MintTree

  1. MintID NFT Holders
  2. Mint Genesis NFT Holders
  3. Users with an invitation code

Growth Rules and Invitation Mechanism:

Every eligible user entering Mint Forest receives a MintTree seed and starts cultivating their unique MintTree by collecting and injecting Mint Energy (ME), redeeming various rewards in the future, including $MINT airdrop.

MintID NFT Holders:

  • Eligible to claim 1500*X ME daily. (X represents the number of NFTs held, with a maximum limit of 20)
  • Additional ME through invitation: Each MintID holder receives an invitation code, with no limit on the number of invites. MintID holders receive 15% of the ME collected by the invitees.

Mint Genesis NFT Holders:

  • Eligible to claim 800*X ME daily. (X represents the number of NFTs held, with a maximum limit of 20)
  • Additional ME through invitation: Each Mint Genesis NFT holder receives an invitation code, with no limit on the number of invites. Mint Genesis NFT holders receive 8% of the ME collected by the invitees.

Users with an Invitation Code:

  • Eligible to claim 500 ME daily.
  • No invitation privilege initially. However, after collecting ME for 14 consecutive days or accumulating 20,000 ME, users receive an invitation code and receive 5% of the ME collected by the invitees.

Important Notes:

  1. Verification Requirements: To prevent bots and spam, participants must first verify their Twitter accounts, which must be at least 1 month old and have at least 10 followers.
  2. ME Expiry: Daily ME expires in 24 hours, and ME obtained through invitation expires in 48 hours if not claimed. Refresh time is at 00:00 (UTC) daily.
  3. ME Representation: Yellow ME balls represent your daily check-in ME, while green ME balls signify the ME generated by your invitees.
  4. Energy Pool: All ME balls will be collected in the Energy Pool.
  5. Mint Forest Leaderboard: Your position on the leaderboard is determined by the energy injected into your MintTree. Ensure to regularly inject Mint energy into your MintTree from the energy pool.

"Harness the Power of Mint Energy"

"Harness the Power of Mint Energy"

Tree Level and Tree ID

MintTree Level:

Users increase their MintTree level and unlock new forms by collecting and injecting Mint Energy (ME).

MintTree has nine levels:

0 to 9 (0 being the seed form). As ME continues to be injected, your MintTree will gradually grow and unlock exciting forms.

MintTree ID:

Each MintTree is assigned a unique identification number, starting from #1 in the order of joining Mint Forest. Users can observe the growth progress of trees by Tree ID.

MintID NFT and Mint Genesis NFT holders can inject ME into other MintTrees to assist in their growth.

How to Get ME

  1. Collect Daily ME: Each user in Mint Forest can collect ME once every 24 hours. (daily ME expires in 24 hours)
  2. Unlock “Mystery ME Boxes” by Collecting ME Continuously: Collect ME for 7 and 14 consecutive days to unlock a Mystery Energy Box containing random 1000-2000 ME. (Continuously check-in rewards)
  3. Complete “Tasks” to Earn ME: Specific tasks can be found in the “Tasks” section of Mint Forest, which will be continuously updated.
  4. Unlock “Staking Boxes” by Staking MintID in MintPool (Coming Soon): MintPool is the native staking infrastructure introduced by Mint Blockchain.
  5. Join the Mint Forest Campaigns Collection on Galxe for ME Boxes rewards (Coming Soon): Mint will gradually roll out testnet campaigns on Glaxe, in line with the projects currently live on the Mint Testnet. Users can earn additional ME by participating in the Glaxe campaign. 
  6. Zealy quests: Top users on the Mint Zealy leaderboard stand the chance to earn extra ME. The leaderboard resets monthly, and there's a monthly limit on claimable quests.
  7. Burn ME to Participate in the ME Box Lottery (Coming Soon). 

Mint Energy(ME) Interaction Rules

  1. ME collected daily as check-in rewards will automatically enter the user's ME pool, which can be temporarily retained or injected directly into trees for growth.
  2. Inviters can receive a certain proportion of ME claimed by invitees and can view the invitees' trees. Inviters must actively claim energy rewards within 48 hours; otherwise, the rewards will expire.
  3. MintID and Mint Genesis NFT holders are eligible to inject Mint Energy into other trees to support their growth.

Note: Details of the Mint Forest activity may change. Participants are advised to stay updated through official Mint Blockchain channels.

Sow, Grow, and Harvest

Mint Forest, represents a groundbreaking initiative by Mint Blockchain, bridging the gap between community engagement, environmental consciousness, and blockchain innovation.

Through MintTree cultivation, users embark on a journey of growth, collaboration, and reward accumulation, all while contributing to the vibrant ecosystem of Mint Blockchain. As Mint moves forward, Mint Forest continues to evolve, offering new opportunities for users to participate and thrive.




Mint Blockchain welcomes everyone to Mint Forest, where you can Mint Your Tree and Redeem MINT tokens.

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