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Mina Community Leaderboard Challenges

Mina Community Leaderboard Challenges

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Reward pool

500,000 tokens

tokens, MINA

Expected profit

20,000 tokens

tokens, MINA

Max participants

No limit

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Normal, Low Risks

Detailed information 

Rules and Requirements:

Team want to clearly communicate their expectations for the community. Please review these so you don’t run into any issues with warnings, bans or disqualifications.

  • Only one Discord account per person is allowed.
  • Only one spot on the leaderboard per person/team is allowed.
  • Any participants attempting to rank on the leaderboard with multiple accounts will be disqualified and ineligible to receive a token grant.
  • Top 25 winners will need to pass KYC/AML checks to be eligible for a token grant
  • Token grants are subject to a six-month lockup period from the Genesis block, and must be staked for duration of the lock up period.

In case of doubt, please contact the team

Challenge 1: Like, Retweet and Tag (150 pts)

  • Like and retweet Community Leaderboard announcement on Twitter
  • Tag your favorite crypto or tech influencer in the comments and tell them something interesting about Mina
  • Submit your Twitter handle and link to your tweet using this form 162 for 150 pts

Challenge 2: Telegram Referrals (1000 pts)

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Direct message the @MinaCommunityBot on Telegram using the command: /start
  2. Send the command /myrefs to receive your custom referral link for the main Mina Telegram group. Invite your friends using your unique referral link. You must invite at least 10 active friends to receive 1000 pts for this challenge.
  3. Submit your Telegram ID (i.e. @yourname) using this submission form 72.

Important: Your Telegram ID MUST be formatted like this: @yourname. Please do not send them your referral link – if you don’t send the correct Telegram ID, your points will not be counted.

Anyone who attempts to invite bots will be instantly disqualified from this challenge, so please only invite genuine crypto-curious folks!

Challenge 3: Welcome Wagon (1200 pts)

Team’ve welcome thousands of new community members over the past few months, and a vital part of community growth involves helping new joiners navigate the community.

Welcome and help new members by asking and answering questions, offering guidance, directing them to resources (i.e. Hello and welcome. How did you hear about Mina? Where are you from? Let me know if I can help you find/understand something)

There is no submission form for this challenge: the O(1)Labs team will select community members who have gone above and beyond to help people and maintain a positive community spirit. Team can only award points for what team see, so make sure you’re doing it in one of the official testnet channels so everyone can learn, and share your contributions with the community.

Challenge 4: Values Champion (1200 pts)

Mina is powered by its participants, and a community with strong values is important for success. Team invite everyone in the Mina community to help each other and to create a safe and positive experience for everyone. They will be awarding 1200 pts points to the community members who best demonstrate core values within the Mina community:

  • Respect –– 1200 pts Team respect each other; their inherent worth, abilities, time, and ideas. That’s why they stand for equality and fairness. Why they’re committed to decentralization. Team act with integrity. Team work hard to make things feel simple. And why they strive to be inclusive and accessible.
  • Curiosity –– 1200 pts It’s what connects them all. Their obsession to understand, solve, and know. Their love of collaboration, open exploration, and objective engagement. Their attraction to big questions and “impossible” problems. Their passion to create technology and systems that serve everyone. Their insatiable drive to learn and grow. Their imagination, at work.
  • Excellence –– 1200 pts Team don’t expect perfection. But each of them demands the best of ourselves. Team’re here to create elegant solutions. Symphonic systems. Technical beauty. Team’re committed to their community and to creating tech they can depend on. Team enjoy the process. But they also deliver results.
  • Openness –– 1200 pts Team believe in being open. In communicating proactively. Being responsive, available and accountable to the community. Empowering people with the information they need to participate. Sharing where they are in the process. Owning mistakes. And collaborating to serve vision with humility. It’s the only way to earn trust and create a fair future.

Challenge 5: The Great Mina Meme-Off (up to 5,000 pts)

Team have seen hundreds of awesome and creative memes in previous community challenges, but for this challenge they are taking it up a notch. Create and tweet your very best original Mina meme or GIF on the topic: Tell about zk-SNARKs without telling us about zk-SNARKs

Explain zero knowledge proofs in a fun meme or GIF, without going into explicit detail about what they are. Check out these examples here:

Only the top 10 memes or GIFs will receive points for this challenge so you’ll need to be creative – and don’t forget to make reference Mina in your meme.

  • 1st place: 5,000 pts
  • 2nd place: 4,500 pts
  • 3rd place: 4,000 pts
  • 4th place: 3,500 pts
  • 5th place: 3,000pts
  • 6th-10th place: 2,000pts

There may also be bonus points for stand-out memes.

Reply to this tweet with your original meme/GIF, and submit the link using this form 16. Points for this challenge will be awarded at the end of the Community Leaderboard period.

Challenge 6: Reddit Rockstars (up to 5,000 pts)

Their subreddit r/MinaProtocol 25 is an awesome place to hangout and team want to encourage you to kickstart some conversations over there. Start or join a discussion on subreddit, regarding Mina Protocol. Here are some examples thread topics:

  • ‘Tell me your best SNAPP idea’
  • ‘ELI5: how do SNARK workers tie into the Mina ecosystem?’

The best contributors to the Mina subreddit during the Community Leaderboard period will receive points. This could be someone who starts great conversations, or someone who writes thoughtful and considered answers/comments about Mina and Mina’s technology. You will be judged on the quality and relevance of your contributions, only comments of substance will be considered.

  • 1st place: 5,000 pts
  • 2nd place: 4,500 pts
  • 3rd place: 4,000 pts
  • 4th place: 3,500 pts
  • 5th place: 3,000pts
  • 6th-10th place: 2,000pts

There may also be bonus points for stand-out contributors.

Submit your Reddit username using this form 9. Points for this challenge will be awarded at the end of the Community Leaderboard period.

Challenge 7: Mina Deep Dive Video (up to 5,000 pts)

Team have some brilliant content creators in community, share your talents and Mina with the world in this video challenge. There is a great video example here 58.

Create a deep dive video about Mina Protocol and explain/discuss Mina’s unique technology. Quality and creativity are the most important factors, and you must appear in this video yourself. This could be an explainer video, or a video podcast discussion. The video should be at least 7 minutes, there is no upper limit for video duration. You are also welcome to submit your video in your native language. The video must be posted publicly and you should link to minaprotocol.com 3 in the description.

Team will also take into account originality, reach and views, so make sure you promote and share your video for the best chance of visibility. The top 10 video creators will receive points:

  • 1st place: 5,000 pts
  • 2nd place: 4,500 pts
  • 3rd place: 4,000 pts
  • 4th place: 3,500 pts
  • 5th place: 3,000pts
  • 6th-10th place: 2,000pts

There may also be bonus points for stand-out videos.

Submit your video using this form 9. Points for this challenge will be awarded at the end of the Community Leaderboard period.

Please note: If there is more than one participant in the video, the awarded leaderboard points can be split at O(1) Labs’ discretion.

  • Leaderboard Points are designed solely to track contributions to the community and Leaderboard Points have no cash or other monetary value. Leaderboard Points are not transferable and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cryptocurrency or digital assets. Team may at any time amend or eliminate Leaderboard Points.


The Mina Foundation is excited to announce a new Community Leaderboard, offering opportunities to compete for leaderboard points and potentially qualify for additional token grants in the run up to mainnet. Take part in Mina’s Community Leaderboard challenges below to start earning leaderboard points. There will also be flash challenges so keep your eye on Discord for new challenge announcements.

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