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Metis Community Testing Season 2

Metis Community Testing Season 2

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For Season 2, contributors can look forward to:

Enki - the first LSD platform on Metis

Enki Protocol is a trailblazing dApp and liquidity provision platform that stands out for its advanced strategies and dynamic mechanisms. With a primary focus on multichain compatibility, Enki Protocol empowers users to optimize their assets and generate higher yields. In Metis community testing season 2, you'll have the chance to experience the Enki platform, delving into its features and capabilities.

On-Chain Spin The Wheel

Users will be able to try a new spin-the-wheel feature to boost their amount of points. Each spin will give users 100xp, and depending on the slot that the user lands on, XP prizes can be big!

New RPCs

We are extremely excited to share that Nodies will be joining Season 2 of Community Testing as an official RPC provider, ensuring the Testnet’s stability and a seamless community testing experience.

Nodies is also simultaneously integrating Metis Mainnet, contributing with its expertise and resources to a more seamless and fault-tolerant user experience. Exciting times!


Users will be able to try a new spin-the-wheel feature to boost their amount of points. Each spin will give users 100xp, and depending on the slot that the user lands on, XP prizes can be big!

A Comprehensive Guide to Succeed in Season 2

Let’s cover the basics! Testnet Tokens, Claiming, Spin-The-Wheel tutorial and ENKI Guide

Claim your test tokens

  1. Visit and click on “SEASON TWO”.
  2. 2. Connect your wallet. Switch to Metis Sepolia network. Or Select “Metis Sepolia” network at the season 2  section as shown below.
  3. New users can claim their test tokens by clicking "Claim your test tokens". Please note that if you claimed test tokens in Season 1, this option is not available again, it's only available for new users. After clicking on the “Claim Test Token” button, you will be redirected to a Telegram bot. Click on the "Start" button to begin the process, and you will receive a message in Telegram confirming that the tokens have been sent successfully to your wallet.

Spin the Wheel For a Chance to Maximize Your Points

In order to spin the wheel, users need to have Metis tokens to buy spins. The cost of a single spin starts at 0.5 $METIS and gradually increases to a maximum of 4 METIS. To help you get started, here is a step-by-step guide on how to earn rewards by spinning the wheel on Metis community testing season 2.

  1. Head to the SPIN THE WHEEL section, as shown below and enter the number of spins you want to purchase. In this example we’re buying 2 spins which cost 1 METIS.
  2. Click on “Buy Spin” button. And confirm the transaction on your wallet.
  3. Now you’re successfully bought your spins, click on “X” to close the pop-up window. If you are unable to see the spins you purchased, refresh the tab and your spin amount will be updated.
  4. Now you have 2 spins to spin the wheel for 2 times. Click on the “SPIN’ button. It will also populate the transaction in your wallet then click “Confirm”. Wait for the result and you will see what you have won.

You can track your transaction in the block explorer. If you are unable to see the spin transaction from your wallet activity, select the latest transaction and click on your wallet address.

You will find the transaction from spin the wheel here then click on the transaction to view the details.

You have received 0.5 Metis tokens by spinning the wheel. You can view the details of the received tokens as shown below.

Go back to the community testing page and refresh the page again to view the updated amount of your spins.

Note that after spinning the wheel, there may be instances where the prize you won is not immediately displayed. However, this should not cause any concern as it will still be recorded in your history. This is because your XP points and Metis tokens are on chain and even transactions that are not visible in the frontend are recorded.

Earn extra XP points on every single spin!

Boost your progress and level up faster with this offer. With every spin purchase, you'll earn a whopping 100 XP points. That means if you buy 200 spins, you'll receive 20,000 XP points. 

Enki Guide

1. To visit the Enki website, simply click on the "ENKI" button or head to

After selecting Enki, you will find instructions on how to earn XP points and the number of XP points you will receive for each milestone completed (the team is considering adding two more milestones for Enki later) then click “Start”

Just like in Season 1, users will earn 25% fewer points for repeated actions.

2. Connect your wallet to Enki

3. Click on the “Mint & Stake” tab.

4. Stake Metis into eMetis(eMetisMinter) (1500 pts)

  • After clicking on “Mint & Stake” tab, scroll down to start minting eMetis and enter amount of Metis token for minting eMetis token

The ratio of Metis to eMetis is 1:1

  • Click “Approve”  and enter amount of Metis token on your wallet and approve the transaction again on your wallet

  • You can also select on “Mint & Stake” to automatically mint eMetis token and stake it to seMetis token

5. Stake eMetis into seMetis vault(seMetis) (1500 pts)

  • Click on “Stake” button and enter amount of eMetis token you want to stake

  • Confirm transaction on your wallet

6. Stake ENKI to vest eMetis rewards from seMetis vault (vesting) (1500 pts)

  • Click on “Stake” button and scroll down to the VEST section

  • Enter amount of Enki token you want to stake

  • Click “Stake” 
  • By staking Enki, you will be able to claim a 30% reward in eMetis tokens within a year
  • The amount of Enki required for staking to unlock your reward is based on the “eMetis reward unlocked” amount.
  • You will be able to click “Claim eMetis” button when your reward have unlocked the click on it and confirm the transaction on your wallet

Now you know how to stake your Metis tokens on Enki.



Metis Season 2 of Community Testing for the Metis Decentralized Sequencer is live. For this season, Metis has made some updates, including new dApps, RPCs, and prediction-markets-based features.

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