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Melos Ambassador Program

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The goal is to have motivated ambassadors echoing the efforts and taking the lead to share about Melos Studio both offline and online, locally and across the globe. Melos is looking for enthusiastic and motivated members of community and supporters to become more involved with Melos Studio and help to widen Melos audience including, but not limited to Discord, Telegram and Twitter.

Why join the program?

Besides the opportunity to contribute to the success of Melos Studio and play an active role in the developing chapter of MusicFi, ambassadors enjoy:

  • A front-row seat: If you’re as excited about Musicverse, particularly on Music creation and NFT technologies, this will be fun. Think: First dips on beta launches, music workshops, ambassador-only channels & more.
  • A real-world community: Grow your own profile and document your progress along with like-minded individuals who are equally passionate about music. Community is where it’s at.
  • A swag life: NFTs, Melos branded merchandise, cool exclusive giveaways.

Who can join?

Anyone with a keen interest in Melos Studio is welcome.

  • An enthusiast: You are passionate about Melos Studio and want to help boost our work by bringing it to the next level.
  • A domain expert: You have niche expertise in a specific domain, such as music, marketing, business development, or compliance.
  • A music lover: You would like to share your music ideas and suggestions to help out Melos Studio.
  • An opinion leader: You are recognised as a credible source of information or have built up credibility and influence within a community.

What will you be doing? (Responsibilities)

Depending on your skills, will determined how you could best serve as an ambassador for Melos Studio.

Each of Melos ambassadors will be involved in increasing brand awareness by promoting Melos Studio in different ways. By spreading the word around on diverse communities/channels (Socials like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Reddit, Streamers on YouTube, Twitch, Bloggers, Podcasters…), curating content (visual or written) to broaden awareness about the project, by sharing Melos announcements and news on social media, assist in spreading the word about online or offline events and help out a meet-up in your local country or by doing a variety of tasks.

There will also be specific tasks required for different types of Ambassadors which can include but are not limited to:

  • Educate the community (Answering questions and resolving concerns in the community)
  • Broaden the community
  • Collect feedback (Music Workshop, Marketplace, Website…)
  • Actively interacting with community members
  • Bug/Hack Bounty
  • Create Tutorials (In your native language)
  • Social Media sharing
  • Organize online and offline activities (Fees for offline/local activities can be provided when needed)
  • Translations in your native tongue
  • Moderate Melos official channels (Discord, Telegram and more)
  • Helping manage the main community group when there is no admin available
  • Creating videos, blogs, gifs, memes, rap songs or you name it for Melos Studio
  • Writing articles about Melos Studio and its use in Web 3.0 ecosystem

The is also the possibility to tell the team in what ways you would like to assist Melos (the team will review these proposals and approve them if they are in alignment with the program).

What is Melos preferences?

An ideal candidate would have:

  • Experience in community management
  • Experience in community building from scratches
  • Enough free time to help out Melos Studio
  • Solid knowledge about Melos Studio
  • Basic knowledge of Web 3.0 and Blockchain
  • Experience in Discord management would be a plus
  • Ability to communicate in English

What you’ll earn?

  • Each selected candidate will earn the title of “Ambassador”
  • Melos Studio Wave reward points airdropped every month for ambassadors allowance. (Will be Melos token reward after Melos token release)
  • Melos executive NFTs and gifts
  • Opportunity to directly participate in a Web 3.0 and Music NFT revolution
  • First dips on beta launches, music workshops, ambassador-only channels
  • Whitelist spot
  • … and much more!

How to Become Melos Ambassador?

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Team Melos will review your application in 5 days
  3. Team Melos will reach you out if you are success in the application
  4. Team Melos look forward to working with you in the future!

About Melos

Melos is a decentralised meta+music web3.0 collaboration platform for musicians and music creators. It is also a pioneer within the decentralised creator economy, because Melos allows anyone to create music through its tools. The generated content can then be saved as NFTs and brought into circulation. Through the open re-creation of generated music NFTs, Melos functions as a social music platform, where music creators can collaborate, communicate, and co-produce.




Melos is excited to announce the Melos Studio Ambassador Program. Melos Ambassador is the next step to support, motivate and engage with some of the biggest supporters of the project.

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1 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 1 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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