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Masa Soulbound Identity: Claim Your Soul Testnet

Masa Soulbound Identity: Claim Your Soul Testnet

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Masa is pioneering the use of SBTs to power a range of SBT use cases such as identity, lending, credit, and others — such as NFT whitelist registration, souldrops, and NFT drops. Soulbound identity holders can link and share data publicly using any EVM compatible chain or privately through Masa’s Proof-of-Stake ZK private transaction blockchain. The first testnet launch will allow people to “Claim Their Soul” name — for example, teslashibe.soul — a unique identifier for a holder’s soul that resolves to a wallet, or soul-linked data source — like ENS for SBTs.

Masa’s SBT use cases include

.soul Ethereum-based SBT domain — you will be able to claim your soul name; think of this like an ENS for your Masa Soulbound Identity

  1. Soulnames are compatible with Masa’s Soulbound Token Standard SBT-01 used for soul linking on- and off-chain data sources with web3
  2. Soul names will be transferable and are unique in web3
  3. Soul names are based on the ERC-721 standard and will be compatible with Open Sea
  4. You will have to pay gas+fee for minting your soul name on the Masa SBT mainnet — fees go to the protocol treasury
  5. By holding $CORN in your wallet for a minimum period, you will not have to renew your soul name annually

Souldrops (soulbound Airdrops) — by soul linking your Discord account, you will automatically eligible for souldrops based on the Discord groups you are part of

Web3 credit score — link your most active wallet to generate your personal web3 decentralized credit score and use it to reduce collateral on defi lending platforms

Web2 credit score — link your centralized credit score and use it in web3

Credit builder and uncollateralized loans — build your web3 credit score when you save in web3 and access uncollateralized loans

Reusable KYC verification — access funding pools and web3 without revealing your identity or doing biometric verification with every exchange

One-click NFT whitelist registration — get access to the best NFT drops using your Masa .soul identity

Masa is exploring many more SBT use cases; for example developers can use a Masa Soulbound Identity and Soulname as a single-sign-on (SBT SSO) to build flawless web3 user journeys with Masa! If you are a developer who wants early access to the SBT developer framework — please email at [email protected] to request early access

Masa is rapidly iterating on the Soulbound Identity and will launch Masa’s “Claim You Soul” mainnet where you can claim and mint soul unique soul names in September (date to be finalize after the Ethereum merge). Over the next 4–8 weeks, Masa will build fast and test new features weekly with community members on the testnet. Masa is looking for user feedback from the community and are awarding mainnet whitelist places for testers to claim one soul name through early access once the testing phase is complete.

Testnet users will also qualify for NFT raffle prizes in collaboration with Jacob Riglin and other NFT artists — stick around in Discord or Telegram to track the alpha on these drops.

Key dates

SBT V1.02 Alpha — August 12th, 2022 — signup and claim your unique soul name on the Alfrjores testnet — contract deployed here

SBT V1.03 — August 22nd, 2022 — signup and claim your unique soul name on the Ethereum testnet with ERC-721 Soulname contract, Soulname registry, and Opensea support for secondary trading of Soulnames

SBT V2.0 Mainnet — September 2022 — fully decentralized SBT Identity Layer with no authenticated login and mainnet launch on Ethereum of Masa’s SBT Identity Layer — claim your unique .soul soul name and link the following data sources:

  1. Wallet to create a web3 credit score
  2. Discord profile to access souldrops
  3. FICO linking to migrate your FICO credit score and see your web2 and web3 credit score in one place
  4. Developer support for Masa Soulbound Identity and private/public SBTs
  5. Plus, any suggestions from community members!

Masa is excited to launch the world’s first soulbound identity layer for public and private data in web3 with the Masa community.

Please signup to test the testnet here — you must be using Celo’s Alfrajores testnet to mint in this release — read the Alfrajores Metamask Setup guide here.

You will have to re-register your soul name on each release of the testnet, and soul names do not convert to the main net — you can use your whitelist place to claim 1 unique soul name.

You can watch a video overview of this release here which also walks you through how to set up Alfrajores in Metamask.


Masa is excited to share the Masa Soulbound Identity with the community — the world's first SBT identity protocol. Masa has been working in stealth for a new Soulbound Token Standard to support its credit and lending protocol.

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