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Mars Ecosystem Captain Rewards Program

Mars Ecosystem Captain Rewards Program

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Reward pool

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Expected profit

up to ~$300 monthly

up to 300 XMS monthly

Max participants

No limit

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Easy, Low Risks

Event details

Please don’t forget to submit the proof of your work while submitting tasks, it can be a screenshot, a screen record of a conversation, but authenticity is crucial.
Most importantly, you don’t have to be Captain to participate in the event, vice versa, you are helping Mars Ecosystem to develop furthermore, and on the journey, you might become one of the captains.

Collecting Rewards

To count your rewards, please submit a new form for each 1 individual activity you complete.
In order to increase the chances of being selected for reward, please submit a high-quality proof of task.

You must provide a URL link that includes evidence for the 1 activity you want to claim rewards for. Links to spreadsheets or docs listing multiple activities will not be eligible for rewards. This also includes compressed folders as they will become corrupt through the submission form.

Receiving Rewards

Submissions will be tallied up after each 4 weeks.
If you have rewards outstanding past 1 week Distribution Date the team will be doing Weekly Distributions on Friday's but only if you have completed all the steps required below:

  • Submit a new form filled out correctly for each 1 individual activity you complete
  • Submit your Wallet Address

Rewards Calculation Breakdown

Each individual Captain can earn up to 300 XMS tokens every 4-weeks period. Even if you submit more forms, if you reach 300 XMS tokens earned via the Rewards Captain Program in this 4 weeks period, you will not be eligible for more rewards until the new period starts.
*Reward amounts listed may be adjusted due to token price changes starting Nov 17, 2021.

Weekly Captain AMA with the team

Held on the last Friday of the week. This is your opportunity to ask questions and receive clarity on any topics you wish to discuss.

Dismissal Policy

Mars Ecosystem reserves the right to remove an Captain at any time without question for a violation to the terms of agreement set forth below:

  • Conduct yourself Professionally and in the spirit of Mars Ecosystem at all times.
  • Failure to conduct yourself with honest, respectful and patient behaviour will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Failure to submit your work on time repeatedly and efficiently will be released from the program.
  • Never ask the community for funds or solicit yourself or services "quid pro quo"(something for something, busing your power as an Captain or Admin.
  • No Soliciting or colluding
  • Please, use professional language and mannerisms when engaging with the community and the team.
  • CM/Employer of Mars Ecosystem are not eligible


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Mars Ecosystem greatly value contributions to the community, and want to ensure your work is rewarded accurately by relaunching Mars Ecosystem Captain Rewards Program. To help Mars Ecosystem grow while the Genesis is going on, the team needs all hands on deck!

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17 Nov 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 17 Dec 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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You can participate (Event started, Registration open)