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Marginly Ambassador Program Wave 1

Marginly Ambassador Program Wave 1

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Marginly opened registrations for Wave 1 of its first-ever ambassador program. Marginly aims to gather the most talented and passionate individuals who will help Marginly grow and be rewarded fairly for their contributions. If you are excited about a decentralized economy and share values of integrity, innovation, and inclusivity, the project encourages you to become one of its first ambassadors. 

How the program is structured

To apply, you will need to complete a few tasks in Galxe space. Once you apply, the team will review your application and hopefully approve it among a limited number of other program participants. Every approved applicant will receive an ambassador soulbound NFT defining their tier. The program breaks down into three main tiers crafted for differently skilled participants:

After receiving an NFT, you will get access to a dedicated Galxe space where you can track tasks for your tier. You will earn points for every task you complete and will be able to convert them into USDC or Marginly tokens during the airdrop in Q2 2024.

As you can imagine, tiers will offer their own sets of tasks and reward schedules. Keep reading to learn more about each tier and how to turn points into material rewards.

Tier 1: Lite

This tier is fun and relaxed. It welcomes everyone generally interested in crypto and active on ‘crypto Twitter’, Discord, Reddit, DeBank, and other crypto-specific social media. Tasks for this cohort of participants will include general activities to spread the word about Marginly far and wide: reposting, commenting, liking, etc.


  • Points for each completed task
  • Bi-weekly 100,000 points giveaway to the top most active 50 ambassadors

Tier 2: Advanced

Here, Marginly calls for skilled and creative participants who have substantial content creation experience. The project will expect you to do what you are the best at — tutorial videos, translations, educational articles, infographics, memes, visuals, and many more.


  • Points per a word, an image, a second of video
  • Bi-weekly meme and creative contests with prizes of 200,000 points for top 10 creators

Tier 3: Pro

Are you crypto OG, KOL, or qualified in digital marketing? This tier is for you. Marginly invites folks who run their own communities, crypto-related channels on various social media platforms, and those who are capable of leading digital marketing campaigns as a part of Marginly marketing division. This tier offers more high-level and individualized tasks that will help boost Marginly and your rewards :)


  • Customized task-based reward schedule
  • The highest rewards among all tiers

How to monetize points

Having said, you will earn points for each task you complete. Marginly accounts points depending on your tier and task complexity. At the end of each wave of the program, you will be able to exchange collected points for money or for Marginly tokens (of your choice).

Here is the exchange rate:

As you can see from the above table, a token deal looks 1.5x times more attractive than for USDC. You need to keep in mind that tokens will be distributed to you during the airdrop that is planned for Q2 2024.

General rules

Please, keep in mind and comply with the general rules of our ambassador program:

  • Using multiple accounts is forbidden.
  • No automation / bots during tasks completion.
  • No inappropriate content.
  • Rewards are distributed solely at the Marginly team’s discretion. You may receive a lower reward than you expected, or no reward at all.
  • Marginly reserves the right to close the ambassador program at any time.




Marginly has announced Wave 1 of its ambassador program. Now you can apply for the program to join the team, earn rewards, and collect airdrop point.

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