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Mantle — is a high-performance second-level (L2) network, which aims to make Ethereum hyper-scalable using a modular approach while providing high security and low fees. To achieve this goal, a separate decentralized data availability layer will be used, working in tandem with Ethereum roll-ups.

The project was created by the BitDAO community — a decentralized autonomous organization with the highest level of physical assets in its field.

Step 1 — Preparation

To get started, join the project’s Crew3 and pass verification in Discord, subscribe to Twitter, etc.

After that, You will get the “Mantle Crew “ role and will be able to perform tasks related to the testnet. Complete the first task (the answer is BIT):

Adding the Mantle Testnet network through Chainlist or manually (instructions below).

Manually: In the Metamask wallet, go to the list of networks and click “Add Network”.

Enter the network data and save:

Network name: Mantle Testnet
Chain ID: 5001
Currency symbol: BIT
Block explorer URL:

Requesting Goerli Eth Test tokens here.

Now you can complete the following Crew3 task by inserting a link to your wallet from

Get the BIT test tokens here.

Connecting Your wallet

Verify Twitter and make a tweet

Enter Your address and the number of tokens, press the “Mint” button and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Go to Explorer and copy the address.

Insert the received address into the Crew3 task — Mint test BIT from the Mantle faucet.

Step 2 — Testing the Bridge

Go to the website and connect the wallet.

Send the ether from the Goerly network to the Mantle network. Switch the network to the Goerly network.

If You need additional ETH, You can use faucets:
Paradigm gETH Faucet
Alchemy gETH Faucet

Set the exchange amount, click “Deposit” and confirm in MetaMask.

In the same way, send BIT tokens, you will need them to pay for gas in the Mantle network.

After the transaction is completed, go to etherscan, copy the transaction’s link and paste it into the Crew3 task — Bridge test BIT to Mantle Testnet.

Next, switch the network to Mantle.

And go to the “Withdraw” tab, select the amount we want to send and click “Withdraw”.

Check the boxes and click “Start withdraw process”. We confirm in the wallet.

Wait for the transaction to be completed and go to your account page.




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from 10 Jan 2023 20:09(UTC+3)



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in the 1st quarter of 2023

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