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MantaPay Incentivized Testnet v3

MantaPay Incentivized Testnet v3

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MantaPay retired the Testnet v2 in preparation for the launch of MantaPay Testnet v3. MantaPay Testnet v3 is the final version of the MantaPay testnet design before its beta main net release of MantaPay on Calamari Network. 

MantaPay Testnet v3 is the final testnet before the launching of MantaPay on Calamari Network. That will be the first private payment system ever launched within the Kusama ecosystem and will support various parachain assets. For the testnet, users can experience new features that weren’t available in v2; these features will also be available at the launch of MantaPay on Calamari.

We expect MantaPay Incentivized Testnet v3 to run for only a short period. Afterward, MantaPay will launch on Calamari Network. Following the launch of MantaPay on Calamari Network, we may continue to release new features for future versions of Testnet before releasing new features into the main nets on Calamari and, in the future, Manta Network.

New Features

MantaPay Testnet v3 comes with powerful new features, which make it simple and fast for users to conduct private transactions. The testnet supports bridging various parachain assets through cross-chain messaging (XCM), which is available through the Bridge tab in the application.

Also, MantaPay Testnet v3 supports ERC20 assets (currently through Moonbeam), which means that you can connect your MetaMask wallet to bridge and privatize ERC20 tokens.

The Incentivized Testnet

Qualify for the Incentivized Testnet: Join the Activities Here

Like with MantaPay Testnet v2, MantaPay Testnet v3 is incentivized. The same rules apply to qualify for the testnet in v3. To potentially qualify for the incentivized testnet, you must complete all of the testnet tasks. Out of the tasks listed, the feedback form is the most important one to pay attention to. Only high-quality feedback that will be useful to the design of MantaPay will be accepted as a qualification for the testnet.

After MantaPay launches on Calamari Network, the MantaPay Incentivized Testnet v3 activities will conclude. While the Testnet will continue to run and introduce new features before their release into the main nets, the Testnet itself will no longer be incentivized.

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About Manta Network

Backed by industry-leading investors, including Polychain and Binance, Manta Network is committed to building a better Web3 world through privacy protection. Manta’s product design starts from first principles and provides end-to-end privacy protection for blockchain users through leading cryptography architectures such as zkSNARK. While ensuring privacy, Manta offers interoperability, convenience, high performance, and auditability, allowing users to conduct private transfers and transactions between any parallel chain of assets. Manta’s vision is to provide more convenient privacy protection services for the entire blockchain world.



The new testnet is live and brings powerful new features for on-chain privacy using ZKP. Join the incentivized MantaPay Testnet V3 and get a chance to qualify for rewards.

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