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Maincard Incentivized Testnet 2

Maincard Incentivized Testnet 2

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The main objective of Maincard incentivized testnet 2 is to test new unique technological solutions for the GameFi market, evaluate updated gameplay mechanics, and balance the project’s economy in preparation for the token listing scheduled for Q4 2023 — Q1 2024.

Maincard wants to invite the entire active crypto community to participate in the testnet: NFT communities, guilds, DAOs, ambassadors, Game-Fi players, and crypto enthusiasts. The most active participants will be generously rewarded for their contributions.

The projet welcomes any feedback from the crypto community that can help improve Maincard. Maincard will conduct frequent community sessions to listen and enhance the game, preparing it for a wider audience.

What will be included in Maincard incentivized testnet 2

Maincard has developed a Gasless technology that is unique to GameFi, eliminating the need for users to pay transaction fees within the project. The project will cover the entire transaction fee on behalf of the players. This enables players to engage in event predictions, card upgrades, and buying and selling without incurring excessive costs. Maincard is prepared to launch Gasless on the project and seek user assistance in testing it to identify bugs and enhance the technology.

During the testnet phase, the project will also initiate the Maincard referral program.

As a result, each user who brings in new users will receive a reward. The project aims to assess the functionality of the referral system, identify bugs and errors, evaluate its stability, and test the effectiveness of attracting new users while maintaining a balance between efficiency and user interest.

Furthermore, the team will begin recruiting ambassadors during the testnet phase.

The goal is to assemble a team of project ambassadors who will support the project in developing and promoting Maincard, particularly in anticipation of the project token’s listing scheduled for Q1 2024. This will mark the second wave of ambassadors. Based on the results of the first wave, the ambassadors were generously rewarded with 500,000 MCN tokens.

Last but no less important matter: in anticipation of project scaling, Maincard wants to ensure that the project is ready for heavy load and project scaling, and the gameplay mechanics are well-balanced to become a project in which thousands of people can enjoy playing and earning.

About Maincard

Maincard is a sports forecasting platform. It is a Web 3.0 card game centered around real sports events. Users compete with each other by predicting the outcomes of their favorite sports events. The project operates on blockchain, providing enhanced security for players and offering a new perspective on sports and forecasting. However, the primary focus is to provide an easy entry point into the Web 3.0 industry. Through its user-friendly functionality, players gradually familiarize themselves with concepts such as blockchain, NFTs, decentralization, smart contracts, and other industry features.

Maincard has players from dozens of different countries worldwide, where everyone discovers something unique: entertainment, new friendships, and a community of sports enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Additionally, it serves as a means to earn real money.

Unlike traditional betting, Maincard eliminates odds and other betting terms. Players make predictions using game NFT cards, safeguarding them against gambling problems. These cards become more powerful with correct predictions and lose lives if the player fails to guess the event’s outcome. Users can enhance their cards by increasing their level and even sell them to other players through an in-game auction. Simultaneously, players participate in weekly tournaments where the top three participants with the most wins receive cash prizes and other rewards.




After the Maincard incentivized testnet 1, which took place in Q4 2022 and involved over 20,000 crypto enthusiasts worldwide, Maincard is announcing the Maincard incentivized testnet 2.

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