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Magic Square x Coinlist Road-to-TGE Rewards Program

Magic Square x Coinlist Road-to-TGE Rewards Program

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Magic Square's "Road-To-TGE" campaign is a focused initiative designed to fine-tune the Web3 App Store ecosystem and user interface over a four to six-week timeline. The campaign is focused on enriching the comprehension of Magic Square's ecosystem and its extensive features that contribute to the broader adoption and growth of Web3 technologies.

As a participant, you will be tasked with:

  • Deep diving into the Magic Square ecosystem to understand its comprehensive features that are instrumental for Web3’s expansion and user adoption.
  • Actively participating as a Validator for Magic Store, contributing to the quality assessment of newly introduced projects.
  • Engaging in various campaigns, activities and efforts to promote the store's projects while providing opportunities to earn additionalrewards.
  • Providing constructive feedback on the Magic Square platform’s functionality to help optimize its offerings.
  • Becoming a proactive member of the Magic Square community by offering insights that aim to strengthen the overall ecosystem and enhance user experiences leading up to the public release and the Token Generation Event (“TGE”).

The platform is crafted to be intuitive and easily navigable, ensuring that even those new to Web3 can participate effectively without requiring prior extensive technical background.


There will be no limit to the number of participants; however, users must meet the following criteria to be eligible for rewards and participation:

  • To qualify for the reward, users must complete the tasks and activities outlined in the Program Overview.
  • Certain jurisdictional limitations apply, as outlined by Magic Square’s terms and conditions and here.
  • Eligible recipients will be required to complete Gitcoin verification to qualify for rewards.


A total reward pool of 2,500,000 $SQR tokens, representing 0.25% of the total token supply, has been allocated for the 'Road-to-TGE' campaign participants. Magic Square has designed a dynamic rewards system tied to a public leaderboard that tracks participants' on-chain activities to ascertain who earns rewards through their individualized efforts and participation. Here’s how the rewards break down:

  • Top 2,000 Participants: A reward pool of 1,000,000 SQR tokens has been allocate for the top 2,000 leaderboard contenders. Your share is directly linked to your rank and points earned via the participant’s efforts in the campaign.
  • Beyond the Top 2,000: An additional reward pool of 1,000,000 SQR tokens has been allocated for participants ranking from 2,001 onwards, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to earn, not just the top performers.
  • Weekly Rewards & Raffles: In addition to the ongoing competition, 500,000 SQR tokens will be awarded weekly to participants. This includes recognizing the “top performers of the week” and a participation raffle, to encourage elevated enthusiasm and momentum throughout the campaign.

All rewards will be distributed following the mainnet launch and the TGE, with no vesting period or lock-up conditions.

Note: The exact number of points awarded for each task will be outlined on the Campaign Page. Magic Square reserves the right to modify these points. For a complete list of actions that reward active users on Magic Square's Magic Store, please visit: Magic Karma1.

1 Magic Square’s Karma System is separate and distinct from the ‘CoinList Karma’ point system.

About Magic Square

Magic Square stands as a cornerstone in the Web3 landscape, designed for discovery and engagement. Its central platform, the Magic Store, not only streamlines the discovery of Web3 apps and games but also elevates developer engagement and user retention.

Three Pillars of Magic Square:

Rewarding User Experience:

  • Hot Offers: A gamified strategy to boost projects, rewarding users with Binance Gift Cards.
  • Magic Square’s Karma System: Rewards community actions with Magic Square’s "Karma" points, exchangeable for daily incentives.2

Community-Governed Quality Assurance:

  • Validation Voting: Empowers users to participate in validating the quality of projects, ensuring a trustworthy platform.

Frictionless Onboarding:

  • Magic ID: Eases entry into Web3 with both traditional and decentralized login methods, including instant wallet creation for newcomers.

Challenges Tackled by Magic Square

For Developers:

  • Exposure: Assists projects in reaching the appropriate audience, extending beyond the constraints of Web2 marketing.
  • Interoperability: Addresses cross-chain and app compatibility, unlocking opportunities for broader user bases.
  • Community Engagement: Provides tools to build and nurture a community, crucial for the success of Web3 projects.

For Users:

  • Simplicity: Clarifies Web3 for mainstream users, ensuring straightforward access and use.
  • Efficient Time Management: Reduces research time for experienced Web3 users seeking to engage with new projects.
  • Trust & Safety: Cultivates a scam-free environment, allowing users to confidently interact with projects.
  • Privacy Advocacy: Promotes an ethos where personal data remains in the user's control, opposing the traditional Web2 practices.

2 Magic Square’s Karma System is separate and distinct from the ‘CoinList Karma’ point system.




CoinList invites you to participate in Magic Square’s Road-to-TGE rewards program for a chance SQR tokens.

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