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Magic Alchemy Brew or Die Campaign

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As simply and briefly as possible, Brew or Die is a Play2Airdrop. At this stage, players’ main task is to get points, which can later be exchanged for project tokens, POTION.

By amassing a specific pool of points, you’ll be rewarded with a corresponding number of tokens, enhancing your stake in the game.

How to Earn Points

Daily Quests and a Pet

Players can earn points by playing Magic Towers (completing daily activities) and caring for their pets.

  • For cards, the player gets ~100 points per day, depending on the number of completed daily quests.
  • For feeding a pet, the player gets 750 points from the egg on the 5th day of continuous feeding.

Assignments from the Mercenary Thane

At this stage, Magic Alchemy introduced new, fully-fledged elixir brewing mechanics into the gameplay, allowing you to experience the life of a real alchemist. The mercenary Thane, located in the Tavern, will always have a task for you, whether it’s creating a gout cure or a sunscreen for a deep dwarf. And as every resident of Dji’Da knows, goblin alchemists, renowned for their expertise, are the only ones to trust for such matters.

One elixir can be prepared in two days. It is made from ingredients obtained in the Goblin Garden (one of the three new locations available at this stage). Thane will give you the recipe for the elixir and the context of what’s going on. Ingredients can be collected every 8 hours, and each bed contains 1 of each type of plant.

After that, the player goes to the Laboratory (another new location) and brews the elixir. For a regular elixir without essence, the player gets 600 points. It is better not to take risks and prepare the elixir strictly according to the recipe. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of time and ingredients. However, if you get the wrong elixir, you can take it to the Tavern and exchange it for dust from the goblin guests.

Important clarification: Thane will be ready to give you a new task only after you bring him the elixir necessary for the previous quest.

Enhancing the Elixir

The elixirs you prepare can vary in quality. The points you earn for the elixir are directly proportional to its quality. You have the power to enhance the quality of the elixir by adding essences.

Essences can be obtained in the third new location of the Brew or Die stage, the Goblin Bank. A player can deposit to the Goblin Bank (USDT in the Polygon network) and receive some essences. The more USDT you deposit, the more essences you will receive. The deposit size varies from 30 to 300 USDT. For a deposit of 300 USDT, a player gets 4.5 essences per day.

Important clarification: you do not need to make a deposit each time, as the essences are not just accumulated for the deposit but for staking for the stage duration.

To enhance the elixir, add essences and get more points for it. You can add from 1 to 9 essences to the elixir (each essence adds +600 points) — so the maximum a player can earn for brewing one elixir with 9 essences added to it is 6,000 points. Clearly on how many points you get for an elixir with:
1 essence — 1,200 points.
2 essences — 1,800 points
3 essences — 2,400 points
4 essences — 3,000 points
5 essences — 3,600 points
6 essences — 4,200 points
7 essences — 4,800 points
8 essences — 5,400 points
9 essences — 6,000 points

Important clarification: You can directly exchange essence for points at Bagbir’s Tavern. However, this is less profitable, as 1 essence will cost 200 points.

Referral System

From now on, the referral system is a method of earning points that can be exchanged for POTION tokens. The essences that accelerate the mining of points come to you at a rate of 15% of the essences earned by your referrals. For example, if your referral earned 300 essences in Goblin Bank, you get 45 essences (as if you earned them yourself).

What’s new in the referral system? Here are the key innovations:

  1. You now have one unique link instead of many different referral codes-invites. It’s simple and convenient.
  2. The invited referral will benefit from coming through your link because they will get 1,000 Gems for going to the game through the referral link. For each invited referral, you also get 1,000 Gems. Gems are an in-game currency that players will need a little later, with the start of the secret activity.

Why is a referral system in MA profitable?

  • More active referrals = more points
  • More points = more tokens POTION
  • The game becomes more exciting and profitable

Important clarification: Magic Alchemy has not forgotten about your loyal referrals from the Freemint stage. They will remain assigned to you; all of them (and you as well) will get the deserved gems.

Types of Engagement in Brew or Die

In the new phase, 4 types of engagement can be distinguished:

  1. F2P activities. These are daily quests, pet feeding, and brewing elixirs for Thane. No DeFi.
  2. Passive Point Gaining. Players deposit USDT into the Goblin Bank, don’t play cards, and don’t feed the pet; they only get essences and exchange them for points.
  3. Total Immersion. Players engage in all the activities available in Brew or Die: deposit USDT, perform daily tasks, feed the pet, and brew elixirs.
  4. Referral System. Players earn points primarily through their active referrals.

Magic Alchemy aimed to make the game as diverse and accessible as possible, as they realize that all players like different things: some are more involved in DeFi, some prefer to engage in F2P, and some are interested in the lore component of the game.

Another important task was to make it easier for newcomers to enter the game. For example, Magic Alchemy elegantly disguised the USDT deposit mechanics as an accurate Goblin Bank with a goblin banker, inspired by such a place from the Harry Potter movie.

Jastor’s New Quest

The last, fourth tribe of goblins, the Forest Goblins, has finally arrived in the Valley of Echoron. You can get a Repairman from the Forest tribe by completing a simple quest. To start, you go to Jastor; he will offer to play one game of Magic Towers. Afterward, you go to Cazar, and the wise old chief gives you a Forest Goblin Repairer and 10 dust units. The Forest Goblin can be placed in the workshop wagon if no one is there.

Important clarification: the Forest Tribe Repairman is not NFT and brings 10 silver for each card game won.

Other Changes to the New Stage

In addition to the above innovations, there are a few other things that have been changed:

  1. Spinning the Wheel now costs less.
  2. On day 5, your pet will not give out a random amount of silver but a specific amount.
  3. The number of wins to hatch a pet from an egg is reduced to 10.
  4. You should sprinkle dust on the pet to wake it up 1 time instead of 2.
  5. The egg now drops points instead of furniture.

Magic Alchemy hase also simplified the wagon quest and reduced the cost of silver tools so that any player who comes to Magic Alchemy can get a wagon in about a month. The quest will remain the same, but the player will build a regular non-NFT wagon.

Those who have already bought some of the tools will get all the silver they spent back and be able to re-purchase them at a better price.

Important clarification: this change will not affect those who have already received or managed to create a wagon before Magic Alchemi closed the quest.




Brew or Die is a Play2Airdrop. This means that your main goal at this stage is to get points, which can be exchanged for Potion tokens upon completion of Brew or Die. More points—more Potion tokens.

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