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Lybra Finance x Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

Lybra Finance x Immunefi Bug Bounty Program

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Lybra Finance adheres to category 2. This Policy determines what information whitehats are allowed to make public from their submitted bug reports. For more information about the category selected, please refer to the Responsible Publication page.

Primacy of Impact vs Primacy of Rules

Lybra Finance adheres to the Primacy of Impact for the following impacts:

  • Smart Contract, Critical
  • Smart Contract, High
  • Smart Contract, Medium

If a category’s severity level is covered within the Primacy of Impact, it means that even if the impacted asset is not in-scope but is owned by the project, then it would be considered as in-scope of the bug bounty program as long as it involves an impact under that respective severity level. When submitting a report, just select the Primacy of Impact asset placeholder. If the team behind this project has multiple projects, those other projects are not covered under the Primacy of Impact of this program. Instead, check if those other projects have a bug bounty program on Immunefi.

Testnet and mock files are not covered under the Primacy of Impact.

All other severity levels not listed here are considered under the Primacy of Rules, which means that they are bound by the terms of the bug bounty program.

Known Issue Assurance

Lybra Finance commits to providing Known Issue Assurance to bug submissions through their program. This means that Lybra Finance will either disclose known issues publicly or at the very least privately via a self-reported bug submission in order to allow for a more objective and streamlined mediation process to prove that an issue is known. Otherwise, assuming the bug report itself is valid, it would result in the bug report being considered in-scope and due 100% of the reward with respect to the bug bounty program terms.

Immunefi Standard Badge

Lybra Finance has satisfied the requirements for the Immunefi Standard Badge, which is given to projects that adhere to our best practices.

Rewards by Threat Level

Rewards are distributed according to the impact the vulnerability could otherwise cause based on the Impacts in Scope table further below.

Reward Calculation for Critical Level Reports

For critical Smart Contract bugs, the reward amount is 10% of the funds directly affected up to a maximum of USD 100,000. The calculation of the amount of funds at risk is based on the time and date the bug report is submitted. However, a minimum reward of USD 50,000 is to be rewarded in order to incentivize security researchers against withholding a bug report.

Public Disclosure of Known Issues

Bug reports covering previously-discovered bugs acknowledged below are not eligible for any reward through the bug bounty program.

  • The depositEtherToMint() function increments the deposited ETH values by msg.value, whereas the depositStETHToMint() function does so by the stETHamount parameter.

Proof of Concept (PoC) Requirements

A PoC is required for the following severity levels:

  • Smart Contract Critical severity impacts
  • Smart Contract High severity impacts
  • Smart Contract Medium severity impacts
  • Smart Contract Low severity impacts
  • Smart Contract Informational severity impacts

All PoCs submitted must comply with the Immunefi-wide PoC Guidelines and Rules. Bug report submissions without a PoC when a PoC is required will not be provided with a reward.

Reward Payment Terms

Payouts are handled by the Lybra Finance team directly and are denominated in USD. However, payments are done in LBR. For any Smart Contract Critical and/or High severity impacts the reward in LBR token will be paid as per a vesting schedule of three (3) months linearly, starting from the first day on which the Smart Contract Critical or High severity impact was identified and reported.

The calculation of the net amount rewarded is based on the average price between and at the time the bug report was submitted. No adjustments are made based on liquidity availability. For avoidance of doubt, if the reward amount is USD 5,000 and the average price is USD 1.75 per token, then the reward will be 2857.142857 units of that token.




The Lybra Protocol is a decentralized protocol designed to bring stability to the volatile world of cryptocurrency. Built on LSD (Liquid Staking Derivatives), the protocol initially leverages Lido Finance-issued ETH proof-of-stake and stETH as its primary components, with plans to support additional LSD assets in the future.

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