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LogX Ambassador Program

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Join the LogX Ambassador Program to become a part of the fair and secure decentralized trading community. Evangelize, create content, engage with LogX enthusiasts, and earn exciting rewards.

Overview: Everything You Need to Know

The LogX Ambassador Program is designed to engage passionate and dedicated members of the community who are excited about the company’s mission, products, and growth. This program is set to elevate 20 most vibrant members to take on active roles in propelling the growth of LogX and, by extension, DeFi.

At the heart of this initiative, we aim to empower 20 carefully selected ambassadors for an intense, month-long journey with LogX. These champions will be pivotal in raising awareness, crafting enticing content, and boosting participation and engagement across dynamic community.

Ambassador Selection and Key Details

Throughout the 1-month program, Participants will be continuously evaluated based on their performance and level of activity within the community. LogX believes in recognizing and appreciating the efforts of all participants, and after reviewing every performance, the top 20 participants will receive cash rewards, unique NFTs, LogX airdrops, and, most importantly, referral rewards as a token of appreciation. While all participants are valued contributors, certain rewards will be reserved for the top performers who demonstrate exceptional dedication and engagement. For the participants who aren’t selected at the end of the program, there still will be rewards for your contributions at LogX.

Performance Review: Monthly & Weekly

The team will conduct reviews at the end of the 1-month ambassador program and review each participant’s performance. A list of the top 5 ambassadors will be shared in a dedicated Discord channel based on their activity, engagement, and completed quests. This ensures transparency and recognition of outstanding contributions.

Additionally, the team will conduct weekly performance reviews and share updates on top-performing ambassadors in the dedicated Discord channel.

Ambassador Performance Evaluation

Ambassadors will earn points for completing various quests outlined in the Ambassador Program Activity Board on Zealy  — detailing each quest and associated points. These quests encompass content creation, engagement activities, and offline participation, comprehensively evaluating their involvement.

Ambassadorial Roles & Responsibilities

Participants will be expected to take one or more of the following responsibilities:

Content Creation and Promotion: Participants will be the voice of LogX across social media, crafting tweets, threads, videos, memes, and other compelling content. In essence, Participants will;

  • Spread awareness about LogX on social media platforms.

  • Craft informative and engaging tweets, Twitter threads, and other content to showcase the company’s offerings.

  • Create short videos, memes, and other visual content that resonates with the community.

Engaging the Community: From diving into Discord and Twitter chats to fostering constructive discourse, Participants will be pivotal in magnifying the community’s vibrancy. In essence, Participants will:

  • Actively participate in Discord and Twitter discussions, answering questions and contributing insights.

  • Encourage meaningful conversations and positive interactions within the community.

  • Share opinions, suggestions, and feedback to contribute to the growth of LogX.

Special Referral Rewards: LogX is offering referral rewards for the 2 following reasons:

  1. Organic Growth — Incentivize the community to leverage its network to increase the number of LogX users.
  2. Inclusivity — You don’t need to be a dev, liquidity provider, or pro-trader to benefit from being part of the LogX community. LogX wants to share earning potential with as many user types as possible.

Referral rewards have nothing to do with how good your traders are at trading (how much they win or lose) and are purely calculated based on the open position sizes from everyone who uses your link. 

With the referral link, your invitees will receive a special power-up of a 15% rebate through your invitation, and you’ll earn 15% of the fees generated on the trading volume as commission.
Each participant has their own unique referral link where their total referred opening volume is tracked. Participants have requirements (which will be discussed below) 

  • Referral fees and rebates will be on the trading fees for opening and closing positions only, swap or borrowing fees will not be included in the rebates
  • No tiers to keep things simpler for a start

Note: The referral rewards considered under this program are only for trading volume made through Orderly on LogX platform (available on Arbitrum and Optimism chains). This referral program is yet to go live. Please follow the telegram group for updates.

Rewards for selected ambassadors :

Exclusive referral rewards:  With LogX referral program and attractive rewards, you can now turn your outreach and influence into a stream of rewards.
Exclusive NFTs — The top 20 performing participants will be rewarded with Silver NFTs (very limited)
Exciting cash rewards - There will be exciting cash rewards for all the top 20 participants as per their contribution and performances evaluated over the entire month.
Cash rewards (paid in stable coins) will be distributed based on the following ranking positions:

  • Top 5 participants: $200 each
  • Next 5 participants: $100 each
  • Next 10 participants: $50 each

LogX airdrops - Participants will be rewarded with XPs upon completing quests on Zealy. They can further convert their earned XPs to claim potential airdrops.

Rewards for unselected participants :

To acknowledge your efforts, you’ll still be rewarded with airdrops for every quest completed on Zealy. Moreover, you can further leverage your outreach and influence to earn referral rewards.

Future Career Prospects

As the project expands, there might be a career opportunity waiting for our exceptional participants at LogX. Active participants will be considered on a priority basis for any career opportunities within LogX.

Learning and Networking:

Become immersed in the decentralized trading adoption journey, gain industry insights, and forge meaningful relationships. Participants will have the chance to network with industry professionals, gain insights into the DeFi space, and enhance their knowledge through interactions with the LogX team and fellow ambassadors.Additionally, participants can expect to enjoy more surprising rewards and perks as LogX continues to grow.



The LogX Ambassador program is an opportunity for a very select number of folks to collaborate with the project and bring DeFi trading to the masses.

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