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Livepeer "MVP Performance Incentive Program"

Livepeer "MVP Performance Incentive Program"

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Today is the start of the 1st round of the new experimental performance incentive program funded by a Livepeer community node grant.

This program will last for the next 3 weeks until 1/4/20 and during this time well performing orchestrators will receive LPT performance rewards in addition to the LPT staking rewards that they are already earning. Orchestrator performance will be evaluated using data from the leaderboard 1.

This forum thread will be used to:

  • Establish rules for the program
  • Establish rules for a specific round of the program
  • Announce reward distribution results for a specific round of the program

Program Rules

  • The program will be divided into 1 week rounds
  • Orchestrators that return transcoded results that correctly correspond to input video sent for leaderboard transcoding tests will be eligible for consideration in rewards distribution
  • Rewards will be distributed by a program administrator account that holds the grant LPT
  • At the end of the round, a snapshot of the leaderboard 7 day view will be generated and reward distribution will be based on the data in this snapshot
  • The reward distribution rules will be fixed for the duration of around
  • The reward distribution rules can change in-between rounds
  • Livepeer Inc. operated orchestrators will be excluded from reward distribution

The administrator will distribute the rewards to the best of their ability based on the rules for a round and the leaderboard data, but given that this program is experimental and the leaderboard infrastructure is fairly new, the administrator does not provide any guarantees to participants that take actions based on the rules of the program.

Any changes to the rules for the next round will be announced at least 2 days before the start of the round. The reasons for allowing reward distribution rules to change in-between rounds are:

  • To adjust distribution based on results of previous rounds and community feedback
  • To allow for updates to leaderboard scoring that capture aspects of performance that are currently not incorporated into scoring (i.e. capacity/scale)

Round 1 Rules

  • Date: 12/14/20-12/21/20
  • A total of 7000 LPT will be available as rewards
  • The 3 regions being considered are North America (Chicago), Europe (Frankfurt) and Asia (Singapore)
  • All orchestrators that have a total score ≥ 3 in any of the regions will split 4000 LPT equally
  • Each of the top 5 orchestrators in each region in terms of total score that also have a total score ≥ 3 will receive an additional 200 LPT
  • The leaderboard 7 day view snapshot will be taken on 12/21/20 at 3:00pm UTC
  • LPT rewards will be sent directly to the orchestrator’s on-chain registered address on 12/21/20 after the leaderboard snapshot is taken

A total score of 3 can be achieved with a ≥ 6.3 latency score which indicates real-time transcoding and a success rate of 50%

Round 1 Kickoff Report

Note: 0x3e2b450c0c499d8301146367680e067cd009db93 is excluded from the summary below per program rules because it is operated by Livepeer Inc.

At the start of round 1, the following orchestrators have a total score ≥ 3 in at least one region for the past week:

  • vires-in-numeris
  • majOrcha
  • Staked
  • Orcha
  • 0x942f0c28fb85ea0b50bfb76a3ecfa99861fa9b4b 1 and are on the brink of joining this group as well.

Below is a snapshot of the leaderboard standings at the start of round 1 for the past week:

North America (Chicago)

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 9.13.33 AM

Orchestrators currently eligible for the regional LPT rewards:

  • Orcha
  • majOrcha
  • Staked
  • 0x942f0c28fb85ea0b50bfb76a3ecfa99861fa9b4b

Europe (Frankfurt)

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 9.13.47 AM

Orchestrators currently eligible for the regional LPT rewards:

  • vires-in-numeris
  • majOrcha
  • Orcha
  • Staked

Asia (Singapore)

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 9.13.53 AM

Orchestrators currently eligible for the regional LPT rewards:

  • majOrcha


The goals of this program are to kickstart experimentation with performance incentive programs to reward well performing orchestrators on the network and to generate empirical data that can be used by the community to design additional performance incentives for the network.

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14 Dec 2020 12:00(UTC+3) - 4 Jan 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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