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Layer3 Infinity CUBE Campaign

Layer3 Infinity CUBE Campaign

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The Layer3 Infinity CUBEs are now live. Over the next 6 weeks, users will be able to collect and mint all three legendary CUBEs by participating in partner ecosystems to earn the opportunity to secure airdrop allocation boosts.

Partners include Uniswap, Arbitrum, Bungee, Phantom, GMX, Jumper, Sandbox, and Radiant Capital with many more to be revealed over the next few weeks. Complete experiences from these communities via Layer3 to qualify. All partner experiences can be found here.

What are the Infinity CUBEs?

The Infinity Cubes, long dormant within the Layer3 universe, await the right community to awaken their ancient powers. Scattered across various realms in the ecosystem, these three mystical cubes must be liberated by navigating each Layer3 territory and completing their quests.

When used together, the CUBEs will unite to forge the mighty Trident of Worlds, and enable the holders to wield the most economically valuable resource in crypto; Attention.

As new chains and protocols are continuously built, they need a way to attract the attention of new participants to proliferate. Cracking this attention economy is the hardest challenge for any ecosystem in crypto today. Layer3 solves this challenge by providing the most widely used and verifiable 'proof of onchain' attention protocol, enabling ecosystem projects to drive user growth through verified incentive campaigns.

The Infinity CUBEs represent the start of this ambitious journey to dominate and decentralise the attention economy where value accrues to the users via tokens.

Pre-TGE Rewards Dashboard

How to take part

Through a series of three challenges, the Infinity CUBEs will reveal themselves for collection one at a time.

  1. Complete quests in each designated area to mint a unique, free CUBE, serving as a collectible NFT.
  2. You cannot move onto the next CUBE until you have successfully minted the one prior.
  3. Each of the three Infinity CUBEs will unlock an additional airdrop allocation at TGE for holders.
  4. Once you’ve collected all three, you can wield the Trident of Worlds NFT by sacrificing your three Infinity CUBEs. This enables you to qualify for the maximum allocation boost.
  5. Once you’ve minted each CUBE, join Discord to claim your new role in the ecosystem.

Taking part in this campaign does not change or dilute any of the rewards earned in Season 1, which are locked. Your share of the total allocation for each CUBE will be impacted by your position on the leaderboard at the end of the campaign and any referrals you’ve made.


Users can accumulate referral points by referring friends to Layer3.

  • Earn 16% of the points your direct referrals earn, and 8% of the points their referrals earn.

  • A limited time 2X referral points bonus is active for all users from May 14th to May 21st.

  • Referral points will be used to calculate a multiplier on your allocation.

The goal is to align with users and ecosystems who will contribute actively to Layer3.

This campaign is designed to reward long-term ecosystem entrants. If you're not committed to actively engaging with Layer3 over an extended period, Layer3 asks that you abstain from this campaign to ensure the allocation of rewards remains focused on dedicated participants.

About Layer3

Layer3 is the leading omnichain attention and identity infrastructure trusted by top ecosystems and users in 150 countries.

The L3 token is designed to align attention across multiple chains and networks. It serves as a unifying force, enabling users to accrue value from their contributions and is the central force that will power the future of incentives and identity.

Join us today and traverse the vast expanse of the Layer3 universe as we redefine how protocols and users can both benefit from a share in the new attention economy.



The Infinity Cubes, long dormant within the Layer3 universe, await the right community to awaken their ancient powers.

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14 May 2024 03:03(UTC+3) - 26 Jun 2024 06:00(UTC+3)



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