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Kresko Incentivized Testnet

Kresko Incentivized Testnet

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Kresko is an open platform for synthetic stocks, commodities, and crypto.

  1. One-Stop DeFi App: A beautiful platform designed to manage all your assets — mint, swap, pool, and farm — all in one place.

  2. Risk Management: Finally, a DeFi App that clearly shows your portfolio health and risk.

  3. Access: Trade synthetic stocks, commodities, and crypto -- fast and with low fees.

  4. Fractional: With Kresko, you can trade fractional assets. You have the freedom to buy $1 or $1000 worth of krTSLA.

The Kresko Platform

  • Accessible: Everyone — unbanked or non-technical — should be able to use the DeFi tools.

  • Wealth Creation: Wealth creation is about long-term thinking. Kresko platform is designed to incentivize long-term behavior.

  • Censorship Resistant: A few mission-oriented degens got together after censorship of GameStop trading to create an open protocol.

Sign up for the exclusive alpha launch waitlist

  • Participate in an incentivized testnet — only advanced DeFi users (50 active users) will be shortlisted. What is your degen score, anon?

  • Earn a level 2 founders NFT.

  • Become an OG.

The alpha testnet will launch on L2/EVM chain.




Kresko is building one of the most important projects in DeFi - A novel synthetic asset protocol. Get early access to Kresko’s synthetic asset platform and join the testnet.

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