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Koii Hackathon "Hack The Network"

Koii Hackathon "Hack The Network"

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What does it mean for an NFT to be Atomic?

An Atomic NFT combines Smart Contracts and Decentralized Storage to register a single payload with a single ID that includes both the contract data and the stored content or media asset.

Why use Atomic NFTs?

  • Storage Networks like Arweave have much lower gas fees
  • Much less energy is used, and utilities can be added with Gradual Consensus
  • Media files can never be separated from the contracts that control their ownership
  • All content receives KOII tokens any time it is viewed (Learn More)

Introducing the Standard

The Atomic NFT Standard provides a single common standard along with source code for deploying and creating custom NFTs. The rules are quite broad, and really only intended to ensure interoperability. As the standard evolves, more features can be added to the open-source github docs. Initially, the standard includes the following supported features.

General Trading and Ownership

In order to support use with wallets like Finnie and ArConnect, the standard defines balance and transfer methods which define how the NFT can be managed by it’s owner(s). you can now trade Atomic NFTs on the Verto Exchange.

Bridging and Cross-Chain Support

Because the Finnie Wallet now support cross-chain NFT transfers and multi-chain wallets, Koii now also published a standard-set for building NFTs that interact with bridges, which can be found here.

Koii brings back personal ownership, rewarding creators for quality through the revolutionary attention economy.
Koii is a new ecosystem and economy based on attention.

The ecosystem comprises three main parts:

  • Developers
  • Node Agents
  • Creators

To keep the ecosystem thriving, KOII tokens are systematically exchanged between different participants.
The future of the internet is quality content freely available to anyone, not stuck behind paywalls or unskippable ads, and where already-wealthy companies aren’t profiting from your personal data.


Koii Network is planning to launch 36 Hour Virtual Hackathon "Hack The Network". Peer-to-peer technology and decentralization have been buzzwords for awhile. Koii exists because nothing else did the job. Koii have built the technology that was needed, now they want to help you use it.

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4 Sep 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 5 Sep 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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