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KIRA Network Public Testnet

KIRA Network Public Testnet

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The public testnet launch comes after an extensive private testing period over the last 90 days, during which total of 412 issues, PR’s and suggestion reports were raised and addressed thanks to 222 private testnet participants.

Games, Challenges, Rewards and Participation

The Public Testnet launch will be followed by incentivized games, challenges and competitions that will enable participants to earn KEX rewards, Validator seats and attractive monthly stipends, which will be granted to every mainnet Validator.

To join KIRA Public Testnet as a Validator, and participate in games and challenges, you will first need to fill out a submission form and provide a public address of your Validator account, along with details that will allow them to identify you as a non-sybil operator. All requests will be processed within 24–48 hours, and any relevant questions can be submitted to support team.

Main events that enable participants to secure validator seats may include:

  • Nodes Control — join the network with as many (sybil) validator nodes as possible
  • Game of Uptime — produce longest consecutive number of blocks
  • Chain Defense — defend the network from malicious attacks and stress test the network

Additional rewards will be distributed to those participants, who submit valuable bug and vulnerability reports, along with corresponding github issues and pull requests that may help them identify potential issues and improve security and user experience. To be eligible for the rewards, after submitting the issues to the Github repository below, participants must also complete the issue report form.

Issues can be submitted via the following repositories:

Team invites everyone to join public testnet group on Telegram and begin exploring the testnet environment to gain competitive advantage before the first challenges are announced. Winners, who acquire validator seats, will have a unique opportunity to take part in the launch of the Mainnet release and acquire unique genesis NFT tokens that will be the first stakeable non-fungible assets on the KIRA Network.

How to Join the Public Testnet

All essential information about joining the current and future test networks will be released and actively curated via dedicated GitHub repository.

In order to launch your first sentry or validator node it is critical to get familiar with the basic setup guides as presented in their previous blog posts. Each post describes detailed steps and provides definitions of key components that each user will encounter during the Public Testnet:

To find your validator account address, after joining the testnet-1 network, simply open KIRA Manager and navigate to the validator container manager.



Testnet features the first stable release of KIRA relay chain (KIRA Hub) and includes governance module, infrastructure deployment tool and frontend application.

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from 1 Apr 2021 03:00(UTC+3)



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