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KiChain Testnet Challenge

KiChain Testnet Challenge

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What is this?

During the course of the challenge, the tasks get progressively more difficult, they range from “do it whenever/however you want” tasks to “be ready to spend few hours on this one” tasks.

As indicated by its name, they are allocating 100 000 USD as price and more than 1 000 000 USD in delegation for the winners.

How is it organized?

The challenge will begin on Monday 9th for a period of 4 weeks. Team splits this challenge into 4 different phases:

  • Phase 1 — Registration phase: Details of the challenge such as duration, registration conditions, communication channels will be setup and communicated.
  • Phase 2 — beginning of the challenge: This is where the real fun begins. Team will share technical details to join the challenge and start sharing the tasks.
  • Phase 3 — secret: They can’t say a word about that be patient
  • Phase 4 — final tests and winner announcement: After 4 weeks of tasks, hard work, sweat and tears it will be the time for us to announce the final leaderboard and distribute the prizes.


A total of 100 000 USD in XKIs is allocated for rewards, split as follow:

  1. 50,000 USD for the winner
  2. 20,000 USD for the 2nd
  3. 5,000 USD for the 3rd
  4. 3,000 USD for the 4th to the 10th
  5. 4,000 USD bonus prizes for special challenges

Please note that the prizes are subject to a 12 months linear monthly vesting.

Aside from these prizes, 1,000,000 USD of XKIs will be distributed as delegations to the mainnet validators belonging to winners from rank 11 to 20 included. Please note that only validators offering commission fees under 10% are eligible for this prize.

How to participate?

The first step to join Incentivized Testnet KiChain challenge is to join Discord. Every information or update related to the challenge will be only posted there.

Who can participate?

All winners will need to pass a KYC / AML checks before they can receive their rewards. Therefore, the following audience is not eligible:

  • Citizens of the following countries: United States of America, Canada, Singapore or People’s Republic of China and North Korea.

Detailed KYC conditions will be explained in a future post.


The Testnet Challenge consists of a series of more or less technical tasks related to the validator operator role on the KiChain. You will be invited to explore the smallest details of the KiChain.

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2 Aug 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 30 Aug 2021 12:00(UTC+3)



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