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Kadena Ambassador Program

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As a way to motivate and recognize these members of the community, Kadena will be selecting individuals to serve as Kadena Ambassadors.

Ambassador Privileges

  • Eligible for compensation paid in KDA Tokens
  • Ambassador designation on Kadena Discord Server and Telegram Channel
  • Dedicated invite-only Ambassador Channel on Kadena Discord and Telegram
  • Gain behind-the-scenes access to Kadena project's roadmap
  • More involvement in the project's decision-making process by providing direct feedback to core team members

Categories of Ambassadors

  1. Content Creator​
  2. Moderator
  3. Community Channel Leader


Does being a long time member of the Kadena community help by application?

Kadena team members plan to give preference and priority to Ambassador applications submitted by individuals that are long serving members of Kadena Discord or Telegram communities and/or their prior contributions to those communities.

When should I hear back about my application?

Kadena expect to approve applications to be an Ambassador no later than a week after the application is submitted. Kadena has sole discretion in any selection as an Ambassador, determining if the Content Creators receive Enhanced status, approval of content ideas and the tier, and approval of the final KDA Content before publication.

Am I paid in KDA Tokens?

​While compensation is described above by reference to U.S Dollar (“USD”), all compensation due an Ambassador will be paid solely in an equivalent amount of KDA Tokens. The number of KDA you receive for services or content in the prior month will be based on the market value of the KDA Tokens within not more than [48] hours of transfer of the KDA to you. Kadena will determine the market value in good faith judgment by reference to https://messari.io/asset/kadena.

When and how will I get paid?

Payment to Ambassadors will be made no later than the 15th [jo1] day of the month for services or approved content published during the prior month. Payment will be made by transfer of KDA to the account that corresponds to the public key that you provide in writing.

Who pays any applicable taxes?

Each Ambassador is responsible for payment of and all applicable taxes related to their services and contributed content. Kadena will not do any withholding or payment with respect to an Ambassador’s tax obligation.

Am I an employee or Agent of Kadena?

​You are independent contractor and not an employee or agent of Kadena. You have no right to incur any obligation on Kadena’s behalf. You can terminate your status as an Ambassador at any time and for any reason. Similarly, your appointment as an Ambassador can be revoked, suspended or conditioned by Kadena at any time and for any reason.

How can content that I publish or post be used?

Once published, your content can be used or referenced by anyone for any purpose. In particular, by acting as an Ambassador you are granting to Kadena the non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, world-wide right and license, without restriction or limitation, to publish, broadcast, and otherwise use and distribute, any and all content or portion thereof that you say, publish or post about Kadena, KDA or the Kadena blockchain platform in any all printed, audio, visual, electronic mixed media or other formats.

What rights does Kadena retain?

Kadena has sole discretion in selecting all Ambassadors, determining if Content Creator receive Enhanced status, approval of content ideas and designation of the applicable tie, final approval of the KDA Content before publication.

Can I have multiple Ambassador roles?

Yes. You would need to be separately selected for each by Kadena and if so selected, you would be separately compensated for each.

Does Kadena’s Code of Conduct Apply to me?

Yes. Kadena encourages thoughtful, respectful and accurate dialogue about Kadena and published a Kadena Code of Conduct applicable to their social media communities. Kadena expects you to abide that Code of Conduct while acting as an Ambassador and if you a Moderator or Community Channel Leader enforce that Code of Conduct in the social media channel that you moderate and/or monitor.


Join a community of passionate individuals in helping spread Kadena's brand and mission and earn compensation in KDA tokens.

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25 Oct 2021 03:00(UTC+3) - 25 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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