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IRISnet's Bifrost Testnet DeFi & Interchain Phase 2

IRISnet's Bifrost Testnet DeFi & Interchain Phase 2

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The software powering the Bifrost Phase 2 testnet is irishub v1.0.0-rc0, which has integrated Cosmos SDK v0.40.0, Tendermint v0.34, and IRISnet’s unique functions including Coinswap (AMM), NFT, iService and so forth. These innovative functions will support partners like StarryMedia and Chainlink to expand the IRISnet ecosystem in the areas such as NFT e-ticketing and oracle integration, poised to increase the network values. Besides, the combination of IBC token transfer and IRISnet’s AMM will provide a vanguard innovation platform for DeFi applications in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Bifrost Phase 2 provides a comprehensive testing environment, including:

1. Functional Tests

A staging environment where exchanges, developers of wallets, explorers and dApps can verify their product upgrades:
• IRISnet’s unique functions, including AMM, NFT, enhanced iService, etc.
• Cosmos Stargate functions, including smooth upgrade, IBC, state sync, etc.

2. Mainnet Upgrade Simulation

An upgrade simulation environment provided for IRIS Hub mainnet validators. Due to incompatible changes introduced by the latest Cosmos SDK, the upcoming upgrade is a “hard fork” that requires a restart of the mainnet. The simulation will help validators to familiarize themselves with the upgrade workflow including exporting and migrating the mainnet state, upgrading and restarting their validator nodes etc.

3. Multi-networks IBC Joint Tests

IRISnet has also initiated a multi-network IBC joint testing campaign, together with Confio (CosmWasm), Tendermint, Regen Network, Chainapsis (Keplr) and many other teams. This effort aims to further validate the IBC token transfer function, improve IBC user experience, support IBC-related tools development and so on.

Phase 2 New Incentivized Task List:

  • Testnet parameter-change voting
  • Testnet upgrade voting
  • Testnet upgrade
  • Send tokens to other testnets via IBC
  • Receive tokens from other testnets via IBC


IRISnet’s Bifrost is the specialized testnet dedicated to Cosmos interchain vision, where IBC and functions like AMM can be tested out. As the Cosmos Stargate mainnet upgrade is fast approaching, IRISnet just launched Bifrost Phase 2 to make the final dash for IRISnet mainnet upgrade preparation.

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19 Jan 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 19 Feb 2021 00:00(UTC+3)



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