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IRIS Foundation Ambassador Program

IRIS Foundation Ambassador Program

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IRISnet (a.k.a IRIS Hub) is an Interchain Service Hub designed to support the next generation of distributed applications. Built with Cosmos-SDK, IRIS Hub enables the cross-chain interoperability while providing modules to support DeFi.

As this name is a combination of Iris who is the rainbow goddess in Greek mythology, and Asgardians who use the Bifrost, a rainbow bridge to enter Asgard in Norse mythology, IRISgardians will collaborate side-by-side with the core team of IRISnet to build a new and decentralized world.

IRISgardians are expected to:

  • Be familiar with the blockchain and crypto industry and stay updated with the latest information
  • Be a good communicator who can motivate and inspire the community
  • Be a fast learner and be enthusiastic, responsible and self-driven
  • Having a good understanding of IRISnet and Cosmos ecosystem will be preferred

What Responsibilities Will IRISgardians Have?

Regional Community Managers

The Regional Community Managers will be mainly responsible to the key social media channels for each region, such as Twitter, Telegram, Medium, etc., to help interact with the community and raise the awareness of IRISnet, further growing and flourish the IRISnet communities.


Translators will take charge of translating English/Chinese articles into regional languages. Translators need to be fluent in English or/and Chinese, and one other language.

Technical Writers

The key responsibilities will include writing in-depth articles about IRISnet as well as its technologies and innovations. The ideal person for this role is an innovative and detail-oriented content creator who has interest and experience in writing blockchain content.

Visual Creators

Visual Creators are responsible for designing visual content related to IRISnet, such as graphics, stickers, posters, GIFs, etc., to share the information and educate the community in the form of visual content.

Advocators and Spreaders

Spread news, technical updates of IRISnet in many kinds of channels, like media (especially crypto-related), Twitter, Telegram Groups, Kakao Groups, etc. to let IRISnet be known by more people.

What benefits IRISgardians will have?

As an IRISgardian, you will benefit from an exclusive channel where you can communicate, interact and work with other IRISgardians and also the core IRISnet team, receive exclusive project updates and progress, and receive exclusive IRIS token rewards.

How to Apply

Please answer the following questions to introduce yourself, and send emails to contact (Format the subject of your emails as “Your name + Apply for IRISnet Ambassador” ).


  • Your name.
  • Where are you based? (City & Country)
  • What’s your mother tongue and what languages do you speak?
  • Which role of IRISgardians do you want to become?
  • Please tell about yourself (e.g your experience, your skills and expertise, reasons why you want to and can become the IRISgardians, etc.).
  • Please share any of your social media handle/your previous works, etc., to show your involvement in the crypto/blockchain space and the IRISnet/Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Anything more about you.


IRISnet aims to integrate more and more initiatives from its precious community members. For this very reason, IRIS Foundation is launching an Ambassador Program to look for passionate IRISnet community members to become Ambassador of IRISnet: IRISgardians.

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29 Jan 2021 12:00(UTC+3) - 29 May 2021 00:00(UTC+3)



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