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If you are new to the IPOR protocol, read IPOR most recent blog for a brief explanation of the IPOR or review the documentation for a deep dive.

Public Testnet Goals

First things first, testnet users will be dropped $50k per stablecoin into their Ethereum MetaMask wallet. This is not a competition since IPOR is mostly interested in the user experience & product feedback. The goal is to test the IPOR protocol by performing basic tasks such as swapping interest rates and pooling stablecoins such as USDC, USDT & DAI to the liquidity pools. Don’t be shy to test all the functionalities such as leverage on your collateral (up to 1000x), different slippages, amounts, stablecoins, and trade directions. 

How to Join

The public testnet link will be accessible on the official IPOR website. Join the IPOR Discord community and search for the #public-testnet channel. Feel free to ask questions and provide feedback on the testnet in there. IPOR values meaningful discussions about the product and discourage spam. Be cautious and don’t fall for impersonators! The IPOR team will never send you a direct message. Curious to learn about the IPOR protocol before diving into the public testnet?

How it Works

For quick instructions on the IPOR public testnet, simply watch the short tutorial video on IPOR Youtube channel.

About IPOR Protocol

The protocol’s cornerstone is the IPOR Index which will be published on-chain where protocol builders and contracts can reference the IPOR rates as the base for new credit markets, lending agreements, derivatives, and other structured products.

The first IPOR interest rate derivative is a 28-day cancellable swap that uses a peer-to-pool model between a trader and the liquidity pool as the underwriter for both pay-fixed and receive-fixed contracts. This is the base of a future suite of interest rate derivatives designed to bring stability, predictability, and liquidity to DeFi credit markets.

Most importantly, the IPOR Protocol embraces decentralization at its core. The index was designed around the IPOR Manifesto which embraces transparency and community ownership. The protocol will be completely DAO governed in the future to make decisions such as adding new protocols to the weighting, multi-chain implementation, and risk parameters for derivative instruments.


Welcome to the IPOR protocol - to build open, fair, and decentralized interest rate indices and derivatives to bridge TradFi with DeFi. After successfully raising $5.55 Million with Arrington Capital as the lead investor, IPOR is excited to announce the public testnet for the IPOR protocol. IPOR invites you to explore the IPOR web dapp and help improve the UX/UI. Become a liquidity provider by deploying stablecoins, or use Interest Rate Swaps to fix your yield and take directional positions to benefit from rate changes.

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4 May 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 4 Aug 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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