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InterchainNFTs Game of NFTs Incentivized Testing Program

InterchainNFTs Game of NFTs Incentivized Testing Program

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Lead by the team at Bianjie, Game of NFTs is a joint effort by the Interchain Foundation, Cosmos Hub, IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, OmniFlix, Uptick, and many other talented teams across the ecosystem.

The Game of NFTs is a two-phase interchain event that intends to thoroughly test out the underlying Interchain NFTs (ICS-721) technology through incentivized testnets (phase 1), and build innovative and vanward dApps on top of it through a hackathon (phase 2).

Prizes and Rewards

Testnet participants are expected to rigorously test Interchain NFTs’ features and compete to win rewards.

Sponsored by the Cosmos Hub, the GoN testnet offers a total of 20,000 ATOM in rewards:

Contribution Awards
50% (10,000 ATOMs) will be distributed to Contribution Award winners, based on the jury’s discretion 

Task Completion
50% (10,000 ATOMs) will be distributed to testnet participants who complete the appointed tasks and score points.

The prizes for Task Completion will be calculated based on the total points obtained during the testnet, using the formulas below:
• The ATOM value per point = 10,000 ATOMs / points awarded across all participants
• The ATOM reward for a certain participant = The ATOM value per point * the total points earned by this participant

Rules and Requirements

If you’re participating in the testnet, you can find the full rules, tasks and descriptions on the GitHub.

As the testnet proceeds, more details will be published on this page, so please keep checking in regularly.

Please also note the Entry Requirements — to participate, you must:
• Use a GitHub account to participate/submit evidence, and that account must be more than 1 year old
• While you can participate in the testnet, you will not be eligible for rewards if you are an employee of any of the co-organizers (IRISnet, Stargaze, Juno, OmniFlix, Uptick)

To be eligible for the prize, participants who have completed tasks must submit GitHub PRs as evidence for evaluation and point calculation. You need to use just ONE GitHub account to submit evidence for your team throughout the testing.

Please note that all submissions will be public, so please be sure to create new wallet addresses on the test chains to participate in the public testing.

Day-to-day coordination for the testnet will be in the #gon-testnet channel of the Cosmos Discord server. If you are participating in the testnet and have not been added to the channel yet, please ping the moderators on #nft-chat.

Coming up: Phase 2 — The Interchain Hackathon

Phase 2 of the Game of NFTs will be a multi-chain hackathon. The hackathon is planned to take place around April 2023, following the phase 1 testnet.

The hackathon aims to act as a catalyst for the discovery and development of innovative and intuitive dApps that can utilize the functionality unlocked by Interchain NFTs.

What are Interchain NFTs?

Interchain NFTs are coming to life with the ICS-721 specification, spear-headed by Bianjie, a long-term technical contributor to the Cosmos network and IRISnet. The Interchain NFT module for IBC brings the connectivity and interoperability already enjoyed by fungible tokens to NFTs, creating all new surface areas for developers and artists to unleash their creativity.

In the first phase of the Game of NFTs, will be tested out the capabilities of the Interchain NFTs before its mass deployment on mainnets - experiment with a cross-chain NFT marketplace, or digital objects that utilize cross-chain data. Participants will get the chance to test ICS-721 on both SDK and Wasm chains and build confidence with the protocol.




The Game of NFTs is an Interchain event that intends test out the Interchain NFTs tech. Through several rounds, participants will gain knowledge and understanding of Interchain NFTs features, and assist in the discovery of unexplored attack vectors.

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from 1 Mar 2023 13:01(UTC+3)



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