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Initia Incentivized Public Testnet

Initia Incentivized Public Testnet

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The modular future is upon us and with it a next-gen system built to eliminate the fragmentation and complexity often seen.

Initia has holistically rebuilt the architecture, product, and economic frameworks of a modern modular multi-chain world to ensure the entire system is interwoven: the rollups, the VMs, the users, the liquidity, and the community.

The Initiation

The Initiation is Initia’s 8 week Incentivized Public Testnet adventure.

This will be the first opportunity to dabble with the new multi-chain world Initia has been cooking over the past year. Enlist to the Initia Militia, provide feedback, explore Minitias, and have a jolly good time.

Public Testnet is designed to allow users to get a sense of Initia as well as provide applications teams a stable system to develop, iterate, and test on initia. Initia will continue to do the same for all core infrastructure and products including Initia Vested Interest Program which will be launching during Public Testnet.


Complete tasks on the Initia L1 to collect NFT cards, merge them, and summon the Forbidden One. Once you’ve summoned the Forbidden One, you’ll have earned a new set of responsibilities. Owning an on-chain pet is no easy feat.

Here’s the quickstart guide:

Explore and Interact with Initia and live Mintias → Earn Initia XP
Spend Initia XP * wisely * → Aquire various foods
Feed your Jennie → Evolve her
You can only feed your Jennie once per week. Don’t skimp on her food.

Get started now at

A Day-1 Testnet Ecosystem

The Initia Ecosystem has been growing steadily over the past months over Closed Testnet. 6 Minitias have been revelaed and more on the horizon.

Each Minitia in the ecosystem is it’s own thriving application with it’s own community. Like the architecture stack, Initia interweaves them together to grow the pie.

Blackwing, Tucana, and Lunch will be live on Day 1 of Initia’s Public Testnet with others following closely therafter.

Study Initia

With Public Testnet, Initia’s docs and code become public. Check them out below:

An interwoven architecture stack.

Over the past year and a half, the Initia Labs team has been hard at work contributing to Initia. The Initia architecture stack has been crafted for an interwoven future with thousands of rollups. Initia’s architecture aims to solve the fragmented experience for both users and liquidity in an increasingly modular world. The Initia Layer 1, an orchestration layer, is built to streamline interoperability, security, liquidity, and rewards to the interwoven rollup network on Initia. The OPinit Stack is the first Optimistic Rollup framework built in the CosmosSDK enabling lightweight and robust CosmosSDK rollups to securely scale with Celestia DA underneath.

Interwoven rollups have quickly become the most flexible and product ready rollups on the market. Minitias are fully customizable CosmosSDK chains with any of the Interwoven VMs on top — InitiaEVM, InitiaMVM, and WasmVM — enabling teams to build application specific blockchains with the VM that suits them best. Through the Initia L1 Minitias are given everything they might need: Native USDC and CCTP access, atomically fetch-able Oracles, instant bridging, interoperability with other chains over IBC, access to the Skip API, fiat on-ramps and more.

Initia’s hybrid L1 + L2 network design, empowered by Enshrined Liquidity, binds together the modular future and removes the complexities of multi-chain systems.

Product-first Infrastructure

Initia expands upon pure infrastructure by ensuring the interwoven rollup stack is complete with product infrastructure that every appchain needs. Initia’s App, Wallet, Scan, and Usernames have been created to enhance the UX of end users and ensure they have a seamless experience using thousands of interwoven rollups.




Initia Public Testnet, initiation-1, is now live. The Initiation starts now at

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