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Infinity Skies Ambassador Program

Infinity Skies Ambassador Program

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Infinity Skies believes everyone has their own strengths and brings valuable things to the table. Since there are a limited number of spots, they want to prioritize individuals who are not only knowledgeable but most importantly, passionate about P2E games, The Blockchain, and Infinity Skies. The ideal candidate knows how to appreciate NFTs, not only for the potential monetary gains, but also for the art and its life-changing blockchain technology.

It is also essential that ambassadors have a strong following that is confident in their choices in picking great projects and strong communication skills to promote them to their audience.

The Infinity Skies Ambassador Program is designed and dedicated to creating meaningful connections between the team and the loyal players, and rewarding them for being proud representatives of the game.

Just like Infinity Skies team, or even the entire crypto community, Infinity Skies Ambassador Program values diversity and welcomes individuals from all backgrounds to come together for the common goal of expanding and maintaining a tight-knit, fun, and reliable community for Infinity Skies.

Roles of an Infinity Skies Ambassador

The ambassador roles will be split into five different categories, based on your interests and experience:

  • Content (Creators, Designers) — Creating and translating Infinity Skies content. Articles, videos, podcasts, memes, GIFs, graphics.
  • Community Management — Answer questions, content localization, create educational pieces for the community.
  • Events & Meetups — Organize, host, and lead local events to create and grow a strong community and be an Infinity Skies information hub. These will include online events and in-person events. Plan rewards for community engagement and contests to keep the community active.
  • Social Media Broadcaster — Promote Infinity Skies on various social media platforms. 
  • Product Consultant — Become the eyes and ears of the Infinity Skies community and identify new key products and features that the Infinity Skies core team should be developing
  • Other — This list is non-exhaustive, and responsibilities of an Infinity Skies ambassador can exceed the ones listed here. If you have any ideas or experience successfully promoting a project in different ways, Infinity Skies would love to hear about it in your application.

Ambassador Benefits

  • Exclusive access to certain In-Game Rewards
  • Direct access to the Infinity Skies team and leadership for guidance and support.
  • Access to private Infinity Skies ambassador Telegram group and regular calls with other ambassadors
  • Priority access and first-call to Infinity Skies events
  • Exclusive Infinity Skies swag for you and event/meetup participants that are hosted by you
  • Rewards/benefits for ambassadors with higher engagement: Tokens
  • In-Game Title for Active Ambassadors

Steps to Join

  • Submit your application along with all other supporting documents:
  • 1 on 1 interview with a member of the Infinity Skies team
  • Panel interview with members of the team



Since the Infinity Skies community continues to grow every day, the project needs more people to help address the increasing number of questions about Infinity Skies, P2E, and NFTs. That is why the Infinity Skies team believes that now is a perfect opportunity to implement and announce the beginning of the Infinity Skies global ambassador program.

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10 Jan 2022 03:00(UTC+3) - 10 Apr 2022 03:00(UTC+3)



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