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IguVerse Ambassador Program

IguVerse Ambassador Program

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Reward pool

Not set


Expected profit

up to ~$150 monthly

up to 1,500 UGY monthly

Max participants

No limit

DropsEarn score


Normal, Low Risks


Get the role of Alpha tester in Discord and earn up to 1,500 IGY tokens for simple tasks in IguVerse project.

What to do

  • Go to their Discord channel
  • Go to the website.
  • Fit your Metamask wallet
  • Fill in the form.
  • Specify Discord, the Metamask wallet address you linked and your account ID (more details in the form)
  • At the end of the form specify: #0uUdMcXVRQ (click to copy, without this the role will not be given)
  • After a while you will be added to the alpha channel in Discord

Complete tasks in the #alpha-tasks channel and upload screenshots to the #alpha-tasks-logs channel.


  1. If a participant cheats or does not submit a task after completing it, there will be no reward in IGU.
  2. If a participant of Alpha channel is inactive for more than 3 days, IguVerse administration reserves the right to remove such participant from the channel. Your IGU balance will be lost

You can track your rewards here — click.


  • 50 UGY tokens every day

The project is not really supported by funds or there is no information about it yet, but there are strong developers and listing on Mexc and WhiteBit exchange. There is also an NFT sale on Binance NFT. I won’t say the project is fat, but such a freebie is not to be missed. For a month of daily tasks you can get 1500 $UGY, which equals $150 at IDO price, and in a month these tokens will go to exchange and can easily make X10, and this is already a solid money, especially for beginners.

Public Beta Test

IguVerse needs to get some data from the community members to make testing experience as smooth as it can get.

The team published some info on their Public Beta Test. In short, you'll get a link for your device on the 31st of October. Android users need to fill a form.



IguVerse is a new P2E, M2E and S2E game that aims to communicate with pet owners. You can mint your own NFT from photos of your pet, or buy a virtual one, and compete against other players to earn rewards for social media activity.

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