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Idena Testing Challenge

Idena Testing Challenge

    The Idena network allows for anonymous proof of humanity and proof of uniqueness for its participants. All validated participants are encouraged to do useful work for the network (hosting their nodes, creating and solving flips, inviting new users, and so on). This resource sharing is rewarded in IDNA tokens.

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    from $10
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  • Activity Type: Contest Testnet Nodes For newbies
  • Date: from 1 Jul 2019 00:00(UTC+3)
  • Registration: Open
  • Event status: You can participate (Event started, Registration open)
  • Links: Idena videos Idena communities How IDENA works How do I start using Idena? Official website page
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How Idena works

The Idena network allows for anonymous proof of humanity and proof of uniqueness for its participants. We call it Proof-of-Person (PoP). Idena does not require any personal data sharing, does not reveal a person’s identity, and does not need a third-party identification center. Idena is based on a network of people mutually validating their humanness and uniqueness. 

Idena employs regular checkpoint rituals — synchronous validation sessions — to certify a participant’s humanness for the consequent epoch.

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Idena validation flow for a single epoch

The idea of synchronous validation sessions suggests a ritual of solving of puzzles — “flips” — in a constrained time frame: easy for a human, difficult for a bot.

The uniqueness of participants is proven by the fact that they must solve the flips synchronously. A single person is not able to validate herself multiple times because of the limited timeframe for validation, which is the same for the whole world.

After the validation session is over, the network reaches consensus about the new list of validated participants, and the date of the next validation session is scheduled. The bigger the network is, the less frequently the validation sessions happen.

The validation status of a participant is not forever. It expires when the next epoch starts. Participants should prolong their validation status for every new epoch.

To be allowed to take part in the next validation round, the participant must provide a certain number of newly created flips.

To join the network, a new person must get an invitation from a validated participant.

How to Participate:

  1. Visit the website to learn more about Idena.
  2. Download and install the Idena app (client and node) at here or build it from source at github
  3. Subscribe to the Idena Announcements channel at to follow updates.
  4. Get invite from the official social network groups.
  5. Make sure your node is synchronized and activate the invitation code. Check your identity status: it should be "Candidate". The invitation should be activated no later than 5 minutes before the validation.

How to get validated?

  1. Check the next validation time in the Idena app.
  2. Your node must be fully synchronized before the validation.
  3. Your computer time must be synchronized with the internet time.
  4. Solve the flips during the validation session. Be agile. The first 6 flips must be submitted in less than 2 minutes.

Next stage:

  1. After validation, keep your node running in order to mine coins.
  2. Don't forget to create flips before the next validation.
  3. Schedule your next validation.
  4. You must have good Internet and upload speed above 1mb/s
  5. Update your Idena wallet/node and sync day before validation
  6. Close all other background programs during validations
  7. Backup your nodekey:
  8. You must have minimum 2GB RAM


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