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Hypersign Data Defenders Program

Hypersign Data Defenders Program

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At Hypersign, we deeply believe that community is an essential part of any decentralized project and it needs to get involved in the product development and raise awareness around Personal Data Protection, Privacy and security in general.

With that in mind, we would love to present the “Hypersign Data Defender Program”, which allows community members to test life-changing products of Hypersign and receive perks for doing it.

What is the Data Defender program?

Security and identity management products require deep beta-testing and access to a huge amount of data to produce safe and unhackable software. That’s where Hypersign needs some assistance from the community!

What you will get from joining the Data Defender program:

1. You will try Hypersign’s life-changing products before the world as a beta-tester.

2. You will become a part of our exclusive group of supporters.

3. You will work closely with the core Hypersign team members and share your feedback on the products.

4. You will be able to receive a private allocation of the $HID tokens for being a top contributor.

$15,000 private allocation will be distributed among the top participants of the program! As a top contributor, you will be eligible for your share of private allocation.

What kind of people are needed?

  • You care about the privacy and security of the personal data
  • You are a passionate crypto enthusiast
  • You want to become a long-term supporter of Hypersign
  • You have 5 minutes of free time

What will be required from you?

The Hypersign team is constantly working on new applications, and we need supporters that will try and test these products and share their feedback with the core team.

The dates

The program starts 30th of May and ends on the 3rd of June. Anyone can apply within this timeframe.

How do you join the program?

(This is beta-testing! You might face technical issues! So if you face any technical issues, please, go to https://t.me/hypersignchain )

On your Desktop/Laptop Visit the following URL:



1. Click on “Use Web Wallet”,

Note: Before enrolling yourself in the whitelist, please ensure you have registered in the Hypersign Web wallet — the instructions are provided under.

Web Wallet Registration Documentation:

If you want to enroll with the Web Wallet app, please use this document.

2. After clicking on the “USE WEB WALLET” button, you will see your Hypersign Web Wallet Pop-Up and asking you to Authorize Access. Click the “Authorize” button.


3. You will then see this confirmation Pop Up and Hypersign will then allow you access to the WhiteListing Form.


4. Follow the instructions on the screen by performing all 3 actions as requested.

Follow Hypersign on Twitter.

Tweet the text as specified, tag your friends, and paste the URL of the tweet in the space provided under and check the box

Join the Hypersign Telegram group and check the box.

Click Next >


5. In the next screen, please provide the missing information, your name and email address will be pre-entered based on your Web Wallet Registration, please fill in the missing fields. Click Next.


6. This is the final step, please review all your information carefully, if you need to made changes, please click on ‘Back’ to edit, if you are satisfied the information, you may proceed to submit your application.


7. The last step is the confirmation screen, this means that you have been enrolled into the white list and you will receive an email with the Whitelisted Credentials which you can use in other Whitelist events that are powered by Hypersign.


Note: filling the whitelist form does not guarantee your acceptance in the program.




Hypersign team presents the “Hypersign Data Defender Program”, which allows community members to test life-changing products of Hypersign and receive perks for doing it.

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30 May 2021 06:00(UTC+3) - 3 Jun 2021 21:00(UTC+3)



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