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Huma Finance HUMAnity Collaboration Initiative Program

Huma Finance HUMAnity Collaboration Initiative Program

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Our shared vision is one of inclusivity, collaboration, and innovation in decentralized finance. Together, we strive to improve current financial systems, making decentralized financial services more accessible and beneficial to everyone. We aim to use our cash-flow-backed DeFi protocol to empower individuals and businesses worldwide.

The Progression of HUMAnity

Huma successfully launched its mainnet, going live with the credit solution by Huma expanded its ecosystem through collaborations with a lineup of strategic partners like Arf, Superfluid, Bulla Network, and more.

Earlier this year we launched HUMAnity, and offered our community members a chance to participate in the beta launch. We were blown away by the response and are now a 40,000-strong community.

Inspired by a future where a thriving community exists in a galaxy similar to our own, the Humanoid NFT symbolizes the innovative spirit of Humanity 2.0. This vision serves as an inspiration for us as a community and honors the trailblazers who are laying the groundwork for the generations to come. The early adopters and contributors are deeply appreciated by the community and recognized as the OG’s of Huma’s journey.

The HUMAnity initiative is now expanding with the introduction of new roles. By accomplishing the tasks associated with each role, you'll have the opportunity to earn a new role along with its corresponding NFT, a testament to your valued contribution to the platform. The original Humanoid NFT is not a prerequisite for participation in the program.

Commitment to collaboration

As a community, Huma Finance aims to foster collaboration. Huma Finance believes in the power of diverse thoughts, ideas, and perspectives and recognize that our strength lies in working together towards our common mission.

Our HUMAnity Collaboration Initiative is more than just a community building program – it's a commitment to our members, a recognition of their contributions, and an invitation for others to join us. We can't wait to see how our community grows with your participation.

We aim to consistently grow the Huma ecosystem. We regard community contributions as significant and look forward to the ongoing input to achieve this goal.

The different roles

Humanoid: As a member of HUMAnity 2.0 and an original pioneer, you form the backbone of the community. Your early adoption and active involvement have been instrumental in setting the community's trajectory. Your experiences, input, and feedback provide the team with valuable insights that guide the growth and development. As a Humanoid, you are a living testament to the core Huma values and principles.

Guide: Guides are the pillars of the community, helping to lead the way for others. As a Guide, your role is multifaceted. You answer queries on the HUMAnity server, create informative content, and provide guidance to newer members. With your knowledge and active participation, you contribute significantly to a welcoming and supportive community environment.

Connector: Connectors are the growth accelerators of the Huma ecosystem. Your role involves reaching out and establishing meaningful connections with potential partners, communities, and other valuable projects in our industry. 

Advocate: Advocates are the voice of the community. You actively promote Huma values and initiatives across various platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, or other community platforms. Your creative content helps to raise awareness and attract like-minded individuals to the Huma cause. 

Researcher: As a Researcher, you keep the project on the cutting edge of the industry. Your role involves conducting thorough research on industry-related topics and providing comprehensive reports. These insights enable the team to stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and maintain the innovative edge.

Buidler: Buidlers are the technical wizards of the community. Your contribution involves improving and extending the protocol, building proof of concepts, and ensuring it can power the most critical use cases. Your expertise and diligence help Huma Protocol offer a powerful and reliable platform to the community.

Artist: Artists bring color and life to the community. Your creative contributions – whether they're graphic designs, illustrations, or other forms of artwork – give the community a unique identity. This artwork may be featured on the social media channels or within the server, enhancing the visual appeal and vibrancy of the community.

Protector: Protectors ensure the community remains a safe, respectful, and positive space for all members. You monitor community interactions, report suspicious activities, and help enforce the community guidelines. As a Protector, your vigilance and commitment play a vital role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the community.

How to get involved

In the HUMAnity Collaboration Initiative, there are multiple roles that members can aspire to, based on their contributions and activities. Each role comes with its unique responsibilities and opportunities.

After accomplishing an activity or contribution, members must share their achievements via a short form and post about it in the #humanity-collaboration-initiative channel on Discord. This ensures the mods, core team and other active contributors know about their efforts.

Achieving a role shows that you are an active participant in the community, and have taken action to drive HUMAnity and our collective mission forward. Members will receive an NFT as proof of achieving the role and a $50 reward in USDC.


Can a member have more than one of these roles?

Yes, community members are able to get more than one of these roles.

What are the benefits of getting these roles?

By having these roles members are seen as being active participants in the community and have taken action to drive HUMAnity forward. Members will receive an NFT as proof of their contribution and a $50 USDC.

Are any of these roles superior or are they all the same?

All of the new roles will be seen as active participants of the community and are equally valuable, whereas the Humanity 2.0 role is different and viewed as being an OG contributor that participated in the beta testnet campaign.

Are there other rewards for these roles besides the NFTs?

Active community members that have made a valuable contribution to HUMAnity will also receive $50 in USDC.

How long will this event be available?

Currently, there is no set date on when this campaign will end, should this change, we’ll be sure to provide an ample notice period for members.

Will the new roles be claimed on Galxe as well?

Yes, these new roles are available on Galxe.

What is the use of the Humanity 2.0 role after introducing these new roles?

The Humanity 2.0 role still indicates that you participated in the beta launch of the Huma protocol and are an OG community member.

Is there any limit to the number of people that can receive the role?

The Galxe minting cap for each role has been set to 250, it’s important to note that only high-quality entries will be considered for the roles.

About Huma Finance

Huma Finance builds the infrastructure powering an ecosystem for real-world lending solutions. With a mission to make the crypto industry more accessible and supportive of practical use cases, Huma Finance enables borrowing against cash flows and receivables, opening up new possibilities for individuals and businesses around the world.



Huma Finance announced the HUMAnity Collaboration Initiative. This program is designed to nurture the Huma community through meaningful interactions. Huma Finance believes in the power of collective minds working towards a common goal, and that's exactly what this program aims to foster.

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