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HOPR Titlis Testnet

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You’ve given the space to run an unconventional and dynamic series of testnets. This has transformed how team want to engage with you, community. Your feedback has been invaluable in developing HOPR, and team’ve enjoyed the symbiosis that’s been formed while doing the ‘gamified’ testnets. 

Titlis will run from 3 pm CET on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 to 3 pm CET on Thursday, January 21st, 2021. The testnet will run on Binance Smart Chain. Everyone who participates by completing the feedback form will receive a share of the 400,000 HOPR bounty fund.

Full instructions and onboarding will be available in Telegram channel once Titlis launches.

Where the HOPR Protocol Stands

If you’ve been along this journey with from the start, you’ll know just how far HOPR has developed as a product. If not, you may have seen the earlier iterations of HOPR in one of the node-gaming sessions from early testing. Or perhaps you’re only joining now.

No matter, it is a great moment to reflect on the developments to the HOPR protocol and network, so here is a recap of the more major milestones thus far:

  • Continuous integration and deployment of HOPRd, HOPR Bootstrap nodes and general testing on local and cloud servers. HOPR’s dev team optimized pipeline to ensure team can release new versions on demand, while automatically funding these nodes and running test actions on them to ensure all releases satisfy demands.
  • The HOPR protocol was successfully deployed across multiple Ethereum-compatible chains such as xDAI, Matic and Binance Smart Chain. Smart contract developer Steven Nonis deployed for the first time ERC1820 registries across these chains to support our ERC777, an extension of ERC20 that supports snapshots on token data.
  • The HOPR team created hopr-connect, a libp2p transport module able to handle NAT traversal connections, while supporting reconnection over relay nodes (i.e. bootstrap nodes). Robert Kiel isolated the network capabilities of the protocol into an open-source library able to be used by anyone in the libp2p ecosystem.
  • HOPR was among the first blockchain projects that designed an out-of-the box solution for non-technical users. The HOPR PC, a hardware computer, brings a HOPRd node into the home of any user with an internet connection, powering the decentralization movement. The team will continue to push HOPRd to ensure it is ready for incoming mainnet release so HOPR PC users can quickly be onboarded.
  • Alongside the protocol, the team is showcasing the capabilities of the protocol by implementing a REST consumable API, showcasing its capabilities via chat bots across multiple platforms. José Aguinaga demonstrated some of the scalable capabilities of the ecosystem in Community calls and online demos that relied on the HOPR protocol.

What’s New in Titlis?


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The browser-based user interface of hoprd client running the Titlis testnet

The main change is the update from the standalone HOPR Chat app to browser-based access to hoprd daemon, which will be familiar to AVADO users.

Another major change is that payment channels open automatically once your node is funded, the first example of new node strategies to build out the network. Team have also implemented the first automatic message routing along these channels.

This is first testnet where team’re running the payment layer and message layer simultaneously, so team’re expecting lots of interesting data on how those interact.

Claiming Your Earnings

When you fill in the Titlis feedback form, you’ll be asked for an ETH address. This will be where team send your HOPR tokens after mainnet launch. This should be an address you have full control over (not an exchange address). If you’ve participated in previous testnets, including the short testing in December, make sure you provide the same ETH address. You’ll receive a bonus as a reward for your loyalty.

How Do I Get Started?

Once the testnet launches, just head to Telegram channel and follow the instructions there. You’ll need to follow interactive onboarding guide to set up, fund and test your node. If you have any questions, please ask ambassadors. Team also have community channels in almost a dozen different languages.

Will There Be Tasks?

Team know how much the community enjoyed the daily tasks in previous testnet, Basódino, but those won’t be returning this time, unfortunately. Titlis is much shorter than Basódino was, and the switch from Hopr Chat to hoprd is already a lot for people to engage with. So team’re keeping things tech-focused this time. But games and tasks will return in future events. Even after mainnet launches, team’re going to be running a robust testing infrastructure in parallel to test new features.

What’s In It For Me?

Despite scaling back the gamification for the time being, Titlis is still incentivized! There are 400,000 HOPR tokens available, divided evenly between all participants who complete the final feedback form and provide a valid ETH address. Tokens will be distributed after mainnet launch.

Participants from Titlis will also be eligible to participate in a very exciting event to be revealed once the testnet ends.



The primary goal of Titlis is to test the updated version of the HOPR protocol at a larger scale than can achieve internally. Team’re asking community members to test a node on their home device or VPS, perform some simple quality assurance tests and interactions with other nodes, then report their findings. The dev team will use this information to update the protocol.

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