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Hooked Protocol Ambassador Program

Hooked Protocol Ambassador Program

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Hooked Protocol is a Web3 gamified social learning platform providing tailored Learn & Earn products. It was initially designed to form a fast-growing community and later evolved to build onboarding infrastructures and decentralized applications (DApps) to help more businesses enter Web3, ultimately forming an ecosystem of community-owned economics.

This program is designed to empower Web3 communities leaders worldwide to be part of the Hooked Protocol mission and help the project expand its reach globally. Some of the community members selected are already hosting ToDaMoons. The project welcomes any interested members to check out this program and to inspire your fellow Hooked Family members.

What do Hooked Ambassadors Do

  1. As Hoked Ambassador, you will help grow the brand and help build an active and vibrant community both online and offline.
  2. You’ll be the first point of contact with the fans and local community
  3. You’ll be actively listening to the community and play integral part in helping the project improve 

Benefits Hooked Ambassadors Enjoy

  • You’ll enjoy a special monthly stipend as the ambassador - amount upon further discussion
  • First dig on the exclusive merchandises reserved for the Ambassadors only
  • Opportunities apply for allowance to run your own community events (approval on case by case bases)
  • Be a part of the global ambassador network and be invited to exclusive meet-ups with VIP fans and other ambassadors.  



Communities are at the core of Hooked Protocol's value. Hooked Ambassadors play a crucial role in shaping and build the Hooked communities globally.

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Community leaders


from 3 Mar 2023 22:15(UTC+3)



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