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HeLa Testnet: Atlantia

HeLa Testnet: Atlantia

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This guideline is designed to help you navigate and utilize the next-generation Layer 1 protocol, featuring a modular chain structure and stablecoin-powered gas fees. As HeLa embarks on this journey, your participation and contribution through building and developing on the platform are crucial in shaping the future of blockchain technology.

What is Atlantia?

Atlantia is HeLa Network Platform, where you can explore the capabilities of the Layer 1 protocol. It uses HLUSD as a testnet token, which is crucial for performing transactions.

HLUSD – Your testnet Token: HLUSD serves as the backbone for test transactions within HeLa. It’s designed to simulate real-world operations without using real assets.

At Atlantia, the project also features Dapps on HeLa Network. Participating in Dapps TestNet and growing together with them to their Mainnet is Atlantia key goal.

Here are some quick steps on how to create a HeLa Metamask wallet:

HeLa Runtime offers seamless compatibility with major EVM blockchain wallets like Metamask, enabling users to effortlessly interact with the HeLa Chain. To link your wallet with HeLa Runtime, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Metamask wallet extension.
  2. Access the network selection dropdown menu.
  3. Choose “Custom RPC” to add a new network.
  4. Enter the relevant HeLa Chain details, including the RPC endpoint.
  5. Save your settings, and you’re ready to start interacting with HeLa Chain using Metamask.

Here is the video tutorial as well: click here

Participation Steps

Step 1: Faucet Access

Account Connection: Link your Twitter or Discord account to the faucet. Ensure that your account has been active for at least 15 days to pass the verification process.

Daily HLUSD Claim: Ensure your wallet is connected to claim 15 HLUSD daily for your transactions. This is done through the faucet system to support your testing activities.

Privacy Assurance: HeLa values your privacy. HeLa Labs accesses your social media in read-only mode to verify activity and prevent spam.

Step 2. For Users:

There are two ways to request it. Each channel maximum 15 HLUSD per day. 

First type: verify on Atlantia website and request.

Second type: request on Atlantia channel on discord.

Step 3: Earning HLPoints

Account Linking: Once your accounts are linked, you start earning HLPoints. 

These points can unlock various benefits and are accumulated through participation and referrals.

Referral Program: Share your unique referral link to gain extra points. This not only helps you but also contributes to the community’s growth.

Step 4: Claiming Your HLUSD

Wallet Connection: Ensure your wallet is connected to the platform to receive HLUSD.

Claim Process: Visit the faucet section daily to claim your HLUSD. This process is essential for continuous testing and exploration and it will also ask you to create tweet.

If you haven‘t set up your wallet yet, here’s how:

To connect the wallet verify via discord or twitter first. 

After you click verify via discord then click Authorize.

This will allow you to click the connect wallet button and on the top right side of the screen.

Then sign the request on your wallet app and ensure your wallet is connected and claim your daily HLUSD from the faucet.

Once your accounts are linked, There are several tasks that you can take to get HeLa points.

Once you click claim HL points there will be a pop up on the top right side of the screen that it was successfully claimed.

And just click the take the task and it will automatically go to HeLa Labs official twitter account for you to join.

Once you click retweet it will automatically go to one of HeLa Labs content posts so you can easily repost.

Once you click Tweet by following content it will go to your twitter account and will automatically create a HeLa Labs content and you just need to post it.

Make sure to join HeLa Labs official discord and telegram for you to get more HL points.

This guideline aims to provide clear instructions for users to engage with the Atlantia testnet effectively. It outlines the process from initial understanding to active participation, ensuring users know how to access resources, contribute to development, and benefit from the HeLa ecosystem.




HeLa welcomes everyone to Atlantia, the first platform of HeLa Network.

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