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HeLa Labs Ambassador Program

HeLa Labs Ambassador Program

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Eligibility for Application

Everyone on HeLa discord who has HeLa ranger roles is automatically enrolled in the ambassador program.  Get to know more about HeLa and participate in current events to power up your tier to the next level. 

  • Active Participation: Reach Discord Level 2.
  • Zealy Tasks: Complete assigned tasks. 


Level 1 HeLa Rangers (Zealy Competition)

  • Everyone on HeLa Discord with HeLa Rangers roles who follow HeLa on Twitter and join Telegram and Discord.
  • How to Level Up :  Participate in the Zealy competition. Upon the completion of participation, the next role will be given automatically. 
  • Rewards : From zealy boards, the team will select and there will be NFT drops and raffle rewards. 

Level 2 HeLa Scouts (New Zealy Board Access) 

  • HeLa rangers who showed motivation in the Zealy competition. Now as a HeLa Scouts, you will have to do more serious engagement! 
  • How to Level Up :  Complete the HeLa Zealy Board (unlocked upon the HeLa Scouts roles given) and continue to show your eagerness and love towards HeLa. In addition, participate in at least 3 dapps tasks on Atlantia and submit an application form

NOTE: When you apply for the HeLa Explorers, you will have to choose your speciality. You can do multiple choices; (AMA hunters, Discord Dynamos, Twitter Wizards)

  • Rewards: Leaderboard rewards, special channel access. 

Level 3 HeLa Explorers 

  • Congratulations! Upon passing the HeLa Scouts application, you become a HeLa Explorer and specialize in at least one category (multiple is available, more help HeLa, you will have more to earn in the future). At this level, you start working directly with the core team.
  • How to Level Up : Collaborate with the core team to strategize and execute plans. The core team will evaluate your work weekly and level you up to the next tier based on performance. In this level, your target will be given by the captain, if you cannot meet the expectation, you will be downgraded. Should you have good feedback from the captain, you can submit an application form to tier up to the next level. 
  • Rewards : From this tier you will receive NFTs (you must hold the position at least for 1 month), bonus rewards for meeting targets. Selectively shoutout on socials. Website listing name as contributors.

Level 4 HeLa Legend

At Level 4 as HeLa Legend, you are well-acquainted with HeLa and confident about its mission. Now you are the leader in HeLa! It’s time to lead Level 3 HeLa Explorers roles and engage in the evaluation period to select the next level members.  And keep engaging with the growing strategy with HeLa Coreteam. 

  • How to Level Up : Engage new members, evaluate, and lead Level 3 roles. If you do perform, you will be upgraded to HeLa Guardians.
  • Rewards : HeLa NFTs with higher token rewards, merchandise

Level 5 HeLa Guardians

As the highest tier, you become a HeLa Guardian. You will expand HeLa in your region, represent HeLa in your country, and host or participate in events as HeLa Guardians.

  • Rewards: Potential full-time job opportunities, social media mentions, recognition on the website, and work as a HeLa partner.

What will I be doing? 

  • Telegram Growth 
  • Twitter Growth
  • Discord Growth
  • AMA Hunters
  • KOL Scouts
  • Writing (Blogs, Threads)
  • Helping HeLa to Find DApps Who Want to Build
  • Translation
  • Hosting local meet ups
  • Starting a new region

Why Join the HeLa Ambassador Program?

  • You love Web3. We love Web3: Contribute to the growth of web3 space. 
  • Networking and Learning: Connect with Web3 enthusiasts and professionals while gaining valuable experience.
  • Skill Improvement: By interacting with others, your skills will be improved. 
  • Rewards: Earn HeLa tokens before listing, NFTs, and other incentives.
  • Exclusive Access: Gain special resources and information.
  • Growth and Learning: Develop valuable skills and experience in the Web3 space.

How to Apply

  1. Join Socials: Be an active member of the community.
  2. Complete Tasks: Participate in Zealy tasks and engage in Discord.




HeLa Labs invites everyone to join HeLa Ambassador Program. Become a key player in the growth and success of HeLa, a modular Layer 1 blockchain enabling AI infrastructure for Web2 and Web3 across various sectors, including gaming, DeFi, DePIN, and earn rewards.

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3 Jul 2024 06:00(UTC+3) - 1 Dec 2024 03:00(UTC+3)



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