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Harmony Stake Heist

Harmony Stake Heist

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How to:

  1. Create your validator
  2. Start staking and collecting delegations
  3. Compete for the bounties
  4. Or make projects that are useful for validators and delegators to use for staking

Prizes and judging criteria:

There are three tiers of prize ranges. Each bounty submission could be eligible for any (or all) of the prize tiers. Please check the original bounty posting to see which tiers are applicable.



Judging criteria will take into consideration:

  • Criticality of the exploits (e.g., users/cases impacted, size of impact)
  • How easy/complex it is to recreate
  • Level of research and analysis done by the reporter

Please note that the prizes will be paid in native ONE tokens and USD value of prizes could change based on the rate.