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Incentivized testnet will be a crucial milestone for the project and represents Phase 2 on Goracle path to achieving a fully decentralized protocol. There are two primary goals for Goracle’s incentivized testnet:

  1. Rigorously test the app and make improvements to prepare for a mainnet launch.
  2. Build and engage the Goracle community while developing the Goracle brand

Over the next four weeks, there will be different tasks (both technical and non-technical) you can complete each week in return for varying amounts of points. The number of points you receive during the incentivized testnet period will determine your reward level. Below you can find more information on the activities and rewards possible from participating in the testnet.

Week 1

Week 1 is an intro to the Goracle platform. The goal is for participants to learn the tools of Goracle and Algorand and for the project to gather feedback about its users. 

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Week 2

In week 2, Goracle has a bit of fun. The community can begin suggesting ideas of the kinds of apps that you would like to see being built that use an oracle. Some of the best ideas have a chance to be turned into an app! Goracle will create challenges for developers to build the top 10 ideas that come from here.

Goracle also want to focus on building an international community. The project has a lot of text to translate, and the goal is to get as much of Goracle’s material translated into various languages as possible. Goracle also wants its community to create original content in their own languages. Then, for the fun part: Memes. Help keep the developers and community laughing by posting your funniest memes. Not that creative? Send Goracle a selfie of a famous place in your city, and try to have a Goracle logo somewhere in the photo. 

Week 3

Now, things are getting more technical. Goracle will begin opening up delegating staking and vesting portals. This will allow to get feedback on UX and how easy it is to perform key actions.

Week 4

The most technical week. Goracle will begin opening out  its node software to more and more participants. And will also focus on providing developers with the tools needed to create applications using the Goracle ecosystem.

What are Testnets?

Testnets are blockchain networks that allow developers to deploy, test and execute their protocol without risk or cost of failure. The Goracle testnet will be similar in design to the mainnet and will allow the team to improve the oracle network, fix any potential bugs, and gather insight into how the protocol may perform when it launches. A testnet is a separate blockchain network from the mainnet, meaning that tokens and transactions on the testnet have no connections to the tokens and transactions on the mainnet.

During the incentivized testnet, Goracle will open up the protocol to include custom request responses on aggregated data feeds. For example, users can now make custom requests to include the price from certain feed providers. The incentivized testnet will also allow the Goracle team to test a large group of node runners (including you).

If you have any questions about Goracle incentivized testnet, check out Goracle documentation, ask a question in Discord, or Telegram.




Goracle is excited to announce its plans for incentivized testnet.

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